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Sources of motivation

1. Put a clear goal (to achieve a certain weight, terrain, find friends).

2. Install a specific time to achieve the goal. For example, within six months to lose 10 lbs.

3. Make plan action. Make your workouts to your weekly regime and clearly monitor compliance.

4. Have fun! For this study the sphere of fitness services, try different classes, group and individual aerobics, Aqua aerobics, yoga, stretching, etc. Find something that fits and you like it.

5. Find supporters.

6. Purchase a beautiful, comfortable sports clothing.

Additional techniques that will help keep the motivation

  • Watch movies about sports.
  • Read / see blogs sporty and successful people.
  • Communicate with those people who have made fitness their way of life.
  • Keep a food diary.
  • Reward yourself for your achievements in sports. As a reward, choose something that brings positive emotions and leaves warm memories – travel, sightseeing, going to the movies, to the beauty salon.
  • Experiment in cooking new dishes for healthy eating.
  • Prep your bag for the workout in advance.
  • Record your results, take pictures before and after.
  • Print images-motivators and hang them in the house (don't forget to place one on the fridge).

the Fear of the first trip to the gym

the Following recommendations will help you to relieve anxiety before the first trip to the gym.

  • Pre-go to the gym, consult on the services with the administrator, have a small tour around the room.
  • Take the phone number you are interested in the fitness club. If you have questions already at home, you will easily be able to specify by phone.
  • Invite your friend/colleague/family member to go with you.
  • Pre-pick a sports clothing, which you will be comfortable and comfortable.
  • If you are a beginner and prefer the gym, the first few sessions, use the services of an instructor.
  • check out reviews about a particular fitness club and/or instructor.

Now you are completely ready!

Forward to achieve your goals and better health!


What sources of motivation do you have?

Tatiana Strunkina
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