As we perceive your body and treat it the question is relevant for almost every person. Going to work, for business or just leisure, we have daily and not once look in the mirror and see there is something that can make us happy, a little sad or upset. Of course, all people have different perceptions of their body, and therefore relate differently to him. Someone is proud of them and can even flaunt it, someone who accepts himself as he is, but most people would like to change something in your physique, for example, to acquire athletic shape, lose excess weight or just lose a little weight. Of course, the definition of a perfect body at everyone, although of course, it is influenced by media in one way or another relate to those ideals of beauty which are broadcast to us on TV and on the Internet.

the issue related to your weight today, the most common is the reduction of body weight, or, in everyday language, just weight loss. Why this problem has become so relevant? It's simple! The residents of developed and developing countries in the last few decades have significantly reduced mobility, and offer products in the shops (not to mention the food and the ubiquitous bakeries) have increased their caloric. As a result the person consumes more calories than it needs for normal functioning of the body. The resulting surplus of calories accumulates in the body and affects our health and mood. And that people are not like yourself in the mirror, which naturally affects the self-esteem and relations with the opposite sex or partner. There is a task to change something. And then, the individual sits on some of the many diets and can start to go to the gym. And away we go. In the beginning there is a rise of energy and mood can be traced to the positive results. But sooner or later there comes a breakdown, when people are forced to root to change your eating habits and denying yourself pleasure from food, starts to eat what was forbidden, because the forbidden fruit is so sweet and draws to itself. Are many reasons and excuses not to go to sports, because today, there are more important things to do or just want to relax. As a result of such failure arise remorse, guilt and shame, self-esteem suffers even more, lost faith in yourself. Why is this happening? What is the secret?

the secret is in the lack of motivation, namely those purposes which people set themselves. Typically this includes to lose weight to please the opposite sex or lose weight, to not be ashamed to wear a swimsuit to the beach or to lose weight to share their attractive photos in your social networks and get a lot of likes, and my girlfriends and others Agree, kind of weak motivation, because it focuses not on themselves, but to other people. With such motivation one seeks to lose weight not for ourselves, but to the admiration of others. And will cause the admiration, reaching the set result? How long is the rapture or his entourage will quickly forget about him? And if he already is admired by others results in professional, educational and creative activity? All these questions cast doubt in the motivation. What next?

And then we need to be honest with yourself and answer a few questions. Is it really I want to get rid of extra pounds (even if there are only two), or something/someone forced me? Why do I need it, and that is what I will get after reaching the desired weight or appearance? And finally, what for me are currently overweight, does it give me any benefits?

About the benefits and psychological causes of weight gain has already been said quite a lot, so I will not dwell on this topic. The answers to these questions contribute to the fact that the human task of losing weight or eliminating at all, or updated by other more deep-seated psychological problems. In the second case, professional psychological assistance to help people understand the causes of the situation and to find a resource to its change, therefore, the issue of weight loss will move forward.

In conclusion, we note that in addition to psychological reasons, from excess weight can be physiological causes. In this case, you must seek professional help from doctors and nutritionists. Because your health is in your hands. But to be healthy and happy is the best motivation to change something in your life and habits.

good Luck to all on this difficult path.

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