Flattery is poison to adequate self-perception


do Not surround themselves with flatterers, to surround myself.

Flatterers like your sweet voice! In the game against me of course I nice, but did you need? I don't think. How sweet it would be oblazhalis my ears, dulling common sense, consciousness notices the mismatch of reality with sweet facts about me.

Taisa Agayev

Raising self-esteem is not about what is around me, swarming my chosen people who I pastout and flatter me. Is a narcotic needle about self-esteem and the endless anxiety that the other will compromise with me and understand what I really am. What motivates me is fear, and finding comfort and confidence in their abilities to cope with life situations, believing in their right to be, in its importance. So I'm pretty skeptical of the recommendation of the coaches to surround himself with the right people. Of course, your surroundings need to be filtered, but be sure people with similar self-esteem are drawn to each other. Based on this fact, working on yourself and with yourself, over time, the environment will change naturally. Take the time to do this.

the Theme of self-assessment and therefore is relevant to me is that through it, through the glasses of self-awareness we look at life. They can be illusory or realistic, aware. I'm all for awareness, for its increase.

Surround yourself developing the system of self support, we become strong, self-sufficient Mature individuals with self-esteem. We become owners of knowledge about themselves, about their possibilities, we give ourselves the right to be right to claim, the right to be important, successful, desired and loved. When we are strengthened in their rights, when they become our subconscious legs, forcing destructive beliefs, we begin to thrive on all levels and in all spheres of life.

it is Important to understand that spent time and effort will pay off handsomely, and that asking support for the implementation of change is not only normal, but necessary! When You have support, You go faster.

Find support among relatives, friends and specialists (psychologists)

I Wish You to prosper in all areas!

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Agayev Taisiya
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