When it comes to the wish list, I'm always reminded of the celebrated letter to the Universe (Universe, Space – underline or choose your own). These epic documents have their own rules (the filing of the petition the celestial office) and their results. Which, by the way, are sometimes quite impressive.

However, a large number of worn-out phrases and terms have grown up around them, and they scare people with its ambiguity and esoterically. Let's try to understand what it really is and how it works.

the First rule and the basis for any work that essentially is called "proactivity" (a clever word – I'll explain further what it means) is to find this magic button that will toggle you from minus to plus. From the past to the future, with the denial for approval. About denial (not to speak and not to use "not") – sort of like a byword, because the brain, it turns out, does not perceive the particle "not". Actually I don't know if things with the brain, for there is a completely different thing works. Let's for example analyze.

You came to the reception, where a large buffet expect ten waiters what dishes you put. Your job is only to poke a finger to turn his head and wrinkle your nose in doubt (but not for long). You approach and say something like: "Me please salad no cucumber not cabbage to Apple, because Apple actually last time caused me heartburn. In soups way is onions, noodles and meat. The potatoes and patties". Think the waiter fell into deep thought, and when you begin to still serve meals, not the fact that you will not think of anything else that you don't want or you don't like.

also, similar is your wish list when you write (and actually mean), what you don't want. It is clear that the use of this no. And here just need to switch internally. From what we discussed before: what occupied your mind and your scope of emotions, from memories, past experiences – in General from all that, figuratively speaking, lying in time behind you. And switch to what is ahead. It is, in fact, called "proactivity". That is, the planning of their future actions and results. Well, logically, that the plan is the result of the denial at least strange. Because the result is the presence of something, not its absence.

What happens next. Once you have built myself a wish list – this process, which began with an internal switch, automatically starts the search possibilities. Again the example let's. You found that freezing in a down jacket, and you need a coat. It is significantly more expensive, but you want. Switching occurs on the path from "I don't want a down jacket" to "I want a fur coat." Once you know and pinned to paper, you start to pay attention to fur fairs, for example. That is, your attention now focused on finding options that will fit. It weeds out the rest.

With a fur coat, in principle, quite simple. In the case of more serious problems (and the goal, which is framed on paper – this is in fact the problem), then you need to sit down and describe possible steps for its achievement. When buying a home it can be: budget allocation, calculate time shopping, finding places of accommodation, gathering information about building materials and so on. This is the stage that is not only understandable, but doable. So it turns out that the magic in these stories, not so much. The most important thing is to toggle the switch.

What remains next? Actually, not much to go on, making one step each day. The chicken, as they say, up biting, and her ass grows large. Therefore, your daily actions by you in accordance with the approved plan gradually grows final result.

there Will be failures? Will be. Because the habit of thinking back, to see obstacles instead of opportunity, and the whole army of fears that you diligently fed from childhood, they will get out of your way not immediately. Personally for me, was the coat, which I call therapeutic. It was quite expensive, and when you brought her home, I replayed in my head a million options why am I not supposed to have it.

But it is fixable. If your sight is still lost, and you are stalled, take a couple days off and start where you left off. And then the results will not keep itself waiting. So one day people Wake up in a completely new reality. Which is built themselves.

Kutuzova Svetlana
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