Flying gait and inner depth. Possible?


In our society, there are, I think, two mutually exclusive models of relationship to the ratio of a person's appearance and his inner world.

it Is believed that one complements the other, and all need constant attention.

And there is an opinion that one excludes the other, watching the looks alone, but clever. Quite often you can hear from such people: "Take me as I am."

for several articles in this series I will give practical tips to improve the appearance of the manifestations as to continue and frame the inner world. There have already been exercises to improve posture. Still plan to give exercises for working with the voice, facial expressions and even on the selection of makeup and clothes.

Perhaps for some it does not fit with the psychological approach and that someone already closes the article)) But I am convinced that a huge number of interesting people remains in the shadows just because they can not properly position in society.

not only to think correctly, you should be able to speak beautifully.

not Enough to be beautiful in soul, we must be able to be seen, are pleasant, not repulsive, at least.

In this article I will give practical advice on the improvement of the gait. Try it! Test your gait. And then improve it. There's always something you can improve, not reaching the perfectionism.

I'm certainly not going to advise banal things, like the coordinated movement of the right hand and left foot, the nervous system is coordinating it all myself.

I will pay attention only to those functions that can be adjusted, and hope it will help You.

  1. When you walk, keep your backs straight, don't slouch! On question and exclamation marks, which demonstrates our back to others, and how it affects the image, I wrote in a previous article.
  2. At each step until the end straighten the knees, but just don't go on completely straight legs, as on stilts, with each step a little Prudente.
  3. the Head, back and legs should be in one vertical plane. Looks bad walking man, whose legs run ahead, and the body behind (as if dragged in the rear). Also looks unattractive when the body and the hands move ahead of the entire figure, and his feet as though to fall behind and shuffling back. And this, incidentally, very well characterizes a person's psychological status. That's his priority, what parts of the body, which functions? Ask yourself this question and answer, glancing at his gait.
  4. my Next Board will be paired with medical activities. When walking is not "sit" on your hips and legs. This creates an unpleasant feeling of heaviness. Usually looks so tired man, as if he unloads and relaxes the muscles of their entire weight shromazdeni the pelvis and legs. But the muscles and joints of the feet get tired even more, consequently, the body them begins to push even harder, start to hurt your joints and strain muscles, and so forth, in a circle. Not to get on this cycle and not be subject to constant pressure from the top down, we need to understand that each muscle is worthy to keep to myself! Neck keeps himself and his head, pushing into the shoulders, the body holds itself, not svalilas the pelvis, the pelvis keeps himself, pushing into legs, thighs holding it, pushing into the knees and shins and finally the calf keep yourself pushing into the foot. And you can take off! But a beautiful gait, I tell you, should be easy to create the impression almost of flight.
  5. And last, but very, very effective - ask someone to remove the camera the way You walk, at first, when You know what You shoot, and then "hidden camera". Analyze what they saw. Be honest with yourself. And if You are not satisfied with, again back to the preceding paragraphs. In the next article I will give tips for working with voice. I appreciate your comments. As you see, is to work on yourself or it will kompensiruet a rich inner world?

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