it is Necessary to pay attention to the distinctive features of this condition where all parts of the body is surrounded by air support. It simultaneously extends all over the body. In contrast to the usual earth, where everything is due to gravity.
Often the signs are in “flight” - internal surprise, which is breathtaking, because the Central point of repulsion is a whole person.

This is a “field of action” (sky), which is not used to people confusing traffic lights earthly conventions, tracking his every move. He can't even enjoy, to feel those FEELINGS, which gives him sky, because it is NOT free.

Not everyone knows that horoscopes actually is for everyone born “earthly crucifixion”, where the body moves across the dial of time in a confined space - your body, endowed with certain purely “individual” potential. Human expressiveness is already set direction. - This are very, very few Innovators, but full of rebels.

Flight - this freedom does not need to be its antithesis, since embedded in the FEELINGS as real and not “logical” or “dialectical,” as people used to think (just to think) around the whole world.

Freedom is an indivisible Unit, filled to the brim and ready to overflow to the outside world: someone else's knowledge; someone else's love. The formula here is the desire to Give, not to take, to receive. For he who “takes” the beggar (it's amazing how our world a beggar).

in order to be able to develop individual characteristics, it is necessary to experience Freedom (which is called to acquire “the taste”). But how on earth teach Freedom? - No! Students are taught professions, i.e. share of man on himself and the world around him. Thus, receiving in the process a “classic schizophrenia” or two: the inner man with his feelings and appearance with its responsibilities and obligations. Therefore, in their lifetime, people runs after him like a dog for its own tail, unable to keep up and catch.
How much aggression gives birth to earth, this duality of man... Remove the “external man” and flourish the whole world.

Flight in the dream is not just shows Growth. It specifies the path from where we came - our true home or innate “Freedom” - where thoughts, feelings, sensations can generate actions that are appropriate to you personally “in size and never shake, not constrain you; do not irritate the skin.”

Flight is a small hint that you are a microcosm of the Creative realization of the Creator.

Flight is all that seems to you impossible but is not.

Flight is a call of heaven (deep Mind) - to WAKE up!

Alex Yuz
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