When doing Taoist qigong and execute such forms as "Keep the Sky", "Stand like a rock", "to Unite Heaven and Earth," that the laws of the genre look up, up and up and still higher up!

If you are performing these techniques at night or early in the morning, we can contemplate the starry sky and clouds on it. Sometimes the wind blows, and it may give the effect of "flying star" on the background as if stationary while clouds.

of Course, much depends on "who does". If a practitioner qigong is well centered within, and dwells in the dynamics of the outside intensively pass through the flow of energy, the whole world comes alive together with him, to become a dynamic, dense, elastic, fluid and in General, delicious.

When classes are held in a pair or in a group, but still under the supervision of a good specialist and Master, effects of steaming and merge everything many times multiplied.

If blowing hard enough, when you run stands on one leg, there is a struggle with the wind. The latter tries to knock you off balance, to throw, and if the wind will have more luck than you, then somersault you, darling, on the ground, and to impose only "your qi".

Sometimes the clusters driven by the wind of the ether is so dense that they look like independent entities. In contact with them begins the struggle for the body, an unexpected explosion shiver, shrinking, excuse, point, and show other signs of loss of balance.

and qigong training to increase their ability to balance, but it does not stand out from the flood, in shaped lifting whenever life knocks us down.

Sometimes, in addition to driven by the wind of ether are added freely running dogs of large breeds, whose thoughtless owners have forgotten to fasten their Pets to leashes, and muzzles for them and never know.

now run these cheerful creatures aggressive bared, angry that someone takes their movements-their movements, as they think, legitimate territory in the Park or on the waterfront.

Fu! – suddenly shouts a leading Zionist, and the creature stops, looks questioningly at the master, saying, "to attack or not?".

- To me! – casually throws the owner, if dissatisfied with the fact that disturbed his walk "in my mind from it all", and the creature reluctantly removed, recheck several times the mood of his boss.

Occasionally some drawn by accepted alcohol brow-break stops, and slurred joyfully exclaims:

Karate nafig! Wow! and vigorously, as it seems, raises his fists, showing his drunk readiness, and "openness to the world."

- you Will sober up, the echo answer him tiganesti and is winding its way from the corner of consciousness realizing that sober in this place, time, and these people see him is not a big destiny... but it can be, and all of a sudden?!

At this time, the stars keep flying, filling the mind-body energy practitioner, and if there is light at infinity, then here it is, now, in the us, along with the wind, the sky and nature around.

if we'll ever smart device stars? Eh, maybe, maybe not, because even the astrophysics of world magnitude in the knowledge of the stars while in the beginning...

But to admire the shooting stars and experience them as a fact of existence right here and now, in a fabulous moment of class. Therefore thriving ancient Chinese gymnastics among those who labored to reach its essence.

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