Working for a long time, but this topic is in the articles are not voiced. It seemed like so all all know.

Food addiction really such a popular thing. There are entire centers that work with food disorders. Looks pretty serious, difficult and expensive, it is not cheap, and yet underneath it all a fairly simple picture. And in General good decide and format of individual work with a psychologist. Unless of course the process has not gone so far as to require, for example, surgical intervention and an integrated approach - keeping a food diary and counting calories. The introduction of the sport in "diet", the increase in activity.

Food addiction - the only form of dependence, which is a clear reference to the relationship with your parents, usually mom.

Yes it is. Clearly so. That's without any options.

With a meal, build relationships, just like mom. In the image and likeness. Surprisingly in a similar way.

in addition, Food is a compromise with the world-my mother and myself, to keep "good" relationship when I want to drop the charges and make a claim. Food - absorbs the discontent of others. And after eating too much dissatisfaction with the moves themselves. You went and beat yourself up about it. Instead, to enter into an honest relationship with the world that is dangerous, you wrap the outer conflict in yourself! And with him doing the same thing that previously would with others, shame ourselves, vinovatye themselves, accuse themselves of a weak character, bezvolosy and get mad at yourself and rely on new expectations.

Food is designed to reduce the emotional intensity from a real relationship, bring pleasure, which cannot be obtained in no other way, to numb the feelings that are torn in the space "between". "No time to talk about this", "is not understood", "will Not hear", "nobody loves Me", "I choose", "I feel angry, and do not have that right"...

And all this about my mother.

Eat as disliked and left alone.

Eat - as angry and can't say.

Eat, because this is a combination - "the possession of a desirable, delicious and punishment, rejection after" - familiar from childhood.

I again and again survive, even if you don't want to.

And again and again, acting out a drama of childhood to understand what went wrong.

And again and again, looking for reconciliation of the internal conflict between love and anger towards her and make this the only available way to Eat. Eat a lot, that for sure.

Such a paradoxical relationship, where there are inhibitions and insecurities, guilt, promises to start on Monday and go to the gym. Estebania yourself to hunger and new-new breakdown - painful. Childhood seems too was promises, faith in them and breakdowns. Just before it was pulled are close to each other. And now you do.


And we are happy that you can work with it.

If you need, please contact us.

in Person and on Skype.

I will Help where I can.

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