Food is ambrosia, the elixir of life. br>
For some, food is a biological necessity for others - a passion which can turn into an obsession. br>
Experts define food addiction as a drug addiction where the addict is concerned about eating, food and pleasure of eating.

There are three recognized the signs of addiction.

Overeating when the food addict does not control the amount of food that he eats. br>
humans Have no idea of overweight or portions, which he should normally eat. br>
Being constantly hungry, the addict will engage in uncontrolled eating. br>

Usually these people are obese and prone to diseases of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, they are also more likely to suffer arthritis and>
Some drug addicts try to maintain normal weight, using emetic drugs, using laxatives, over exercising or even fasting. br>
these addicts usually have dental problems like thinning of enamel, excessive number of cavities in the teeth, swollen salivary glands, disorders of fluid and>

the Addict is afraid to gain weight and therefore fast. Obsessed with weight gain and abnormal form shows unnatural behavior in keeping himself in shape. br>
These people develop such health problems as failures of menstrual cycle, hair loss, unhealthy skin pallor and lack of body>
the Most common health problems are obesity, alcoholism, diabetes, bulimia, food allergies and intolerance to food. br>

Signs that you are addicted to food.

Some are addicted to sweets, others to soft drinks or>
Continuous or frequent meals. br>
there is No fixed time of eating, the addict will eat randomly throughout the>
Sharp hunger after eating certain>
anxiety attack, a feeling of nervousness, low blood sugar, headache, stomach cramps and rumbling in the>
the Intolerance to some>
the Feeling of guilt while eating.

the Cornerstones in the treatment of drug addiction.

Identify and avoid what you know triggers you have the desire to>
Implement in practice a diet that is both healthy, nutritious, rich in vitamins and helps to maintain or even reduce your>

Make changes in lifestyle. br>
Lead the right lifestyle and include in the diet plenty of fresh air and use good>
Focus on personal and spiritual development. br>
Enrich your inner peace, calm, and happy, use meditation and deep>
Plan your time so that the activity has filled your days and distract the mind from>

Even if you have the slightest suspicion that you may be a food addict, you should immediately seek help. br>
and Fight with the problem before it turns into something uncontrollable and serious. br>
In any case, you should consult with a nutritionist, psychologist or seek help in the center of the fight against drug addiction. br>
There are programs carried out by groups such as Anonymous users, which run a 12-step program and they are extremely helpful.
Veronica V.
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