guru In the world of dietary nutrition and weight loss increasingly began to claim that not only lose weight but also get rid of food addiction.

In my opinion, it's arrogant stupidity that puts a smile on my face. I heard the sound, but do not know where he is. And why?

Any relationship is a complex process! The result of the interaction of the behavior or substance and predisposed to dependency.

Dependence is, in fact, means the slave as belonging to a particular substance or behavior.

If we are talking about food, then one becomes a slave and uses food not only in physiological, but also psychological purposes, for example, to cope with depression, reduce anxiety, fear, cheer up, get pleasant emotions, impressions and more. And this relationship is strong and multifaceted.

the Mechanism of dependency is known. Chemical dependency (drugs, alcohol, etc.) involve the use of substances that stimulate the pleasure centers, contributing to the production of "happiness hormones". Over time, these substances are embedded in metabolic processes, making addiction has physiological.

behavioral addictions (gambling, Internet addiction, food addiction, love, etc.), the biochemistry is slightly different, but they still employ one of the support systems associated with dopamine. But its production stimulate certain types of behavior.

there are two types of vulnerability. One, internal, consists of biological (including genetic), psychological, or behavioral factors, for example, depressive temperament, impatience, impulsiveness, difficulty controlling behavior).

the Other, external, includes family culture (drinking, Smoking family, emotional eaters), experiences and life stages (adolescence, loss, trauma, drama), as well as socio-economic conditions, insecurity, emotionally poor life etc. And it's superficial and multiple.


  1. food addiction is not "treated" in pohudatelnyh marathons, projects, "crackers". Detox, PP, sport, etc. on the Contrary all these methods aggravate the situation the person is made to err on your account and not "treated". After all, according to have benefits! Even the gurus often have disorders and eating disorders.. Until a person attempts to control food addiction, psyche seeks out. Imperceptibly appears addicted to sport and healthy way of life (man can not live without training and sverhpredelna power). Climbs out of the Internet and social networking, to go to the bathroom and falls asleep in an embrace with the phone becomes dependent on the partner.
  2. to "cure" addiction is impossible! The psyche is tricky. Necessarily need the assistance of a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist. If the person has stopped using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., but went to work all day long, eat more, change of sexual partners, to buy things in large quantities, the substance has not changed, changed only the name of the dependency. Man, as a slave, and it still is!
  3. Two consultations and even a month, say some experts, and even psychologists, are not enough to overcome addiction! Work long, every day throughout the day. A change of thinking, develop new habits and skills, develop psychological problems and there is so much that still requires TIME.
  4. weight loss and refusal to sugar and sweet foods is not a guarantee that the left dependence. A lot of people are slender and fit, but it is dependent on the Food and not only. Most likely, there is a motive and a positive psycho - emotional mood. But this time...
  5. fear is impossible to overcome addiction! Once it is exhausted, everything will return to normal. Here we need a complex psychological work. Please take care of YOURSELF! You are at one life and you only have ONE!

Let me know in the comment you acknowledge that to overcome addiction is not a cold cure? Appealed for help to the guru of proper nutrition and weight loss "cure" addiction? Tell us about your experience.

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Semerikova Elena
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