Speaking of harmony, I mean normal weight with no frills, in middle body type. Of course, there are lucky with a stormy temperament, energetic, active, which can eat much, but actually spend this energy throughout the day. I am also interested in how the behave and how to eat those who are like me busy for sedentary work, lead the same lifestyle as me. I will give here only some observations.

  • They don't eat

Slim people value their wellbeing more than the food that is thrown away or "settle down" animals. How true... My body is not a dump, and I learned over time just not buy extra.

  • They do not eat large portions

Even choosing fried potatoes or sweets, the slender man can get pleasure from every bite.

  • They eat when they are hungry and calmly refuse to eat for the company or for

Slim people generally relaxed attitude to food and therefore do not accompany the process of communicating at the table with food through the power of fear to offend someone. I also learned how to do that. When people suggested to eat something at that moment, when I don't, I calmly and firmly refused. I am very grateful for your concern and if you feel that you really want something, try a small piece.

  • They taste the food before you start eating and choose just what you want right now
  • They don't eat what is not delicious and not good for them

Healthy and slim people feel your body and pay attention to what happens in the stomach after eating, remembering what foods they are better suited.

This is not a complete list. Certainly if you watch yourself and others, you would notice it much more. In General, the basis of harmony is love of your body, life and full self-care.

taking Care of yourself – this isn't just another unnecessary purchase rags or bags, and it's not even trips to the beauty salon, SPA or massage. Taking care of yourself – it is time to go to the good doctors to take sick leave if necessary, to exercise regularly, which is fun, because the body gets used to the loads. And taking care of yourself is the ability to make a choice in favor of health. Choose to go to bed on time instead of hanging out on Sunday evening. Choose to eat a light salad for dinner instead of a sandwich. To go on foot for a couple of stops to the house and up to the floor the stairs. Because honestly loving a person wants to live longer, stay active and healthy in old age.

I go down this path and have achieved great success. It's hard, especially when thirty years go by other roads.

So if you want to change your life by getting my support and professional psychological help, I am ready to be your guide!

Anan'eva Anastasia
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