Touched a nerve response to Julia, so I give a detailed answer not only to her but also you, I think it will be useful to many. If true, support me:

"Elena, I for three years, counting calories, lost weight from 70 to 58 kg. Then began the hell of compulsive overeating. As a result, for the year scored 75 - 77 kg.

Elena is some kind of hell! Went to the psychologist, the answer was that we should just have any number, when asking the head and stomach, then compulsive overeating will be held.

he Began to follow the advice, but can't gain weight even more, and every day the thought "go on a diet where you're going, how can and so fat" and so on, simply give up.

Although the work is good, and Hobbies are, but thought only of the figure and the food. Can't accept this.

Practiced IE (intuitive power) is also a maximum of a week stand up, then step on the scale and saw that minus is not all right breakdown..."

1.Our precious body, never, nothing to do, not acquires excess weight. It always has a meaning and benefits. In fact, it turns out that it is easier to exist and even to survive! Think and answer why you need the extra weight? What's it benefit for you?

2.When people begin to lose weight "to change the facade of his house", they do not think and are not aware of WHAT ROLE FOOD PLAYS IN OUR LIVES? And in no way preparing to replace its function with something else. And it would be necessary. This is a very important point. For example, delicious and tasty food has a great calming effect and reduces anxiety, depriving yourself of Goodies, what or who are you going to calm and reduce anxiety?

3.Counting calories like any other diet, food system sooner or later leads to the effect of yo-yo when the weight comes back again and friends leads.

in addition to this, if a person is emotionally - external consumer of the control, restrictions and prohibitions in food are not desirable. Sooner or later it will breakdown and overeating.

If you regularly overeat, get away from the restrictions and prohibitions, control and "proper eating habits" will never lead to the solution of this problem.

Why? Because emotional eaters can not have. Refer to the food - it's the only form of coping with their own emotions.

Compulsive overeating (compulsive overeating), which began to experience Julia after long-term restrictions, includes is need is under the influence of emotions, not experiencing physical hunger, the feeling of loss of control over food, manifested in eating large amounts of food.

Typically, compulsive (emotional) eater spends a huge amount of time, effort, energy fighting and worrying about eating and weight! Many, like beauty Julia with a completely normal weight consider themselves fat and bad. Extra weight often from people not on the body and mind!

4. Seek help from a psychologist — it was a reasonable decision. Specialist gave adequate recommendation " any number when requested by the head and the stomach...".

But this is not enough! It needs an integrated approach: awareness, intuitive eating, movement a joy and pleasure, psychological work, which is the main.

As a minimum needed to train a person adequately to interact with their own emotions and feelings, to teach techniques for emotional regulation and to develop psychological problems that impact on the relationship with food.

When the emotional eater begins to eat without restriction and overeating, he is rapidly gaining weight, which is accompanied by fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame.

One pass this path is quite difficult, and the help of a competent psychologist who preaches the awareness in the diet and not the control necessary! Apparently, it was necessary to continue the psychological work to normalize eating behavior, and the level of compulsive overeating to be dropped.

5. Consciously - intuitive food is recommended by specialists in the eating disorders because it does not contain any prohibitions, restrictions, and teaches harmony and unity with his own body.

But if this power regarded as a means for weight loss and focus only on the pitches, the more likely it will be little different from the usual diet. Therefore, with high probability, followed by a breakdown, overeating with psychological discomfort.

as soon As normal eating behavior, the weight will be back to normal. Therefore, it is desirable locus with weight loss to move on overcoming eating disorders and normalization.

6.People with eating disorders, especially emotional eaters, I recommend to abandon the tool of control scales and weighing procedures. Slimmer and more harmonious with food you don't become, the body is not trust, only spoil your mood and provoke breakdowns.

7.It is wonderful that Julia has an interesting job and Hobbies. But this is again not enough in order to find harmony with food and to accept yourself such what is, here and now!

it is Desirable to direct forces and energy to promote self-esteem, self-respect and confidence.

of Course make your own body at any size, can do attitude at least neutral, but rather positive.

to Restore order at a basic level, and gain balance in your life and much more.

even with Overeating normal weight - it's a litmus test that shows us that we are not in balance and in harmony with yourself, with your own body and the world around you!

And it is good that it is. It gives us a chance by self-knowledge and work on oneself, to find happiness, love, freedom, harmony and peace within instead of looking endlessly outside. Without this set a person's life is empty and meaningless, so forward towards yourself.

any thoughts? Discuss?

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Semerikova Elena
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