I Drive my daughter to school, she's a first grader. Along the road is a storm drain, the rainwater rushes through her, whimpering and generally nice. But a little further on a stone in stormwater drainage fell, the trickle of his move can not, all the water on the road spread. Removed the stone. Then the brook ran. Beautiful! We pass a hundred meters - again, the obstruction of stream. Acorns, leaves, twigs on the heap. He took a stick, threw the pile to the side, a stream ran further. Beauty! Then go again towards the pile of garbage already man-made, packet of crisps, a pack of cigarettes, etc. Daughter yells: to school late, drop the nonsense! Took her to school, come back and clean :-) Because so much of these actions on my work as a juggling similar.

a client Comes with a problem, remove an obstacle and it seems there are some changes. And after a while it becomes clear that the movement to the target had stopped, doteli to the next obstacle :-( of Course, so not all and not always. On the way some goals can only one stone, and lying. And on the way other heaps of garbage, "carefully" our ancestors left behind, and ourselves too.

At the Institute, we somehow exercise has shown that took the man from the hall and the family system looked as he weaves. I counted seventeen. Seventeen! Horror. Even if the balance in the year to do seventeen years that you need?!!! Hunter's Beau Monde, from which lecture we then read, was asked, What is the point of doing a placement, if still human life is not enough, what would all the generic garbage to clean up? He said something like – "I for many years, I have a lot of plans made, and I have faint hope that my son will get 10% less problems than I inherited from their parents."

Think of the children well of course. But ourselves would wish to goodness live))) the meaning is to do? Is. I do not promise you the happy ending after the first placement. But life changes, it becomes easier and easier to achieve its objectives. And feelings of life is change, the water in the Creek is cleaner. So it was with me, my clients and many of those who have used this wonderful method for some time of its existence.

Finished writing the article and here what thought came to my mind. I have one problem, four times the balance went. Already decided that this is not the constellation theme, not the teeth this method. And now think that was wrong. So on the way of the "stream" more than four obstacles. So it is necessary to continue to clean! Perhaps, let's I recorded on the balance ;-)

celestial Catherine
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