Go to the shop for milk, sugar and bread, and buy boots, towels and coffee maker? Unfortunately, marketers are coming up with new schemes, forcing consumers to buy more every day. Some tricks to which they resorted to force the buyer to choose goods, not even looking at the price! How not to fall for "tricks" marketers?

statistics show that people don't like to lift my arms up or bend over to get any product. Most often the buyer takes what lies at arm's length. Simply put, people buy only what is at eye level! On these shelves are just the most expensive products. If you really need to save, you need to pay attention to the lower and upper shelves. There is also the concept of "eye level of the child." On these shelves put the most popular children toys, sweets and other products. A way out of this situation is – have a child sit in the cart or wear on your hands. br>
In any supermarket, start every day new stock. Often in the middle of a trading hall are nice girls and guys, offering to try the sausage, cheese, and other products. Buyers think that the way they are introduced to the various goods. This is absolutely not true. Share is calculated on the "good" buyers who can't fight back. Try the dumpling or sausage, easier to buy a kilo of this product than to say to the advertiser that the product is too expensive or it is tasteless. If you belong to this type, just pass by such shares. To avoid sample need not only in grocery stores but also in beauty salons, cosmetic departments.

Each store has its own secret "route purchaser". One Department very naturally passes to the other, and when a person has no specific plan regarding purchases, it will follow this route. The road is planned in such a way that the buyer paid attention to the goods which he did not need. This beautifully designed things with extraordinary price tags, which often advertise some kind of unimaginable discounts. The buyer can't resist. Not to make spontaneous purchases, go to the departments that interest you and make a list of needed products.

the slower the buyer moves around the room, the more purchases he would do. All the shops only plays slow and relaxing music, conducive to unnecessary acquisitions. There is a solution: going to the supermarket, wear the player and turn on something quick and fun. An important role plays the factor of color. Please note what colors are used in the interior of the store. Outside it is very warm and attractive shades, and inside the trade hall, they will always be cold. These shades lull the vigilance of customers and soothe. br>
Most people on Earth are right – handed, consequently, expensive goods is always located on the right side. This also can put the products which you need to quickly get rid of. The right-hand rule applies when you log in to trading room. When the buyer goes on a "scheduled" store route, on the right side of the road and will accommodate expensive items. Not to buy expensive and unnecessary things in the room, pay attention first on the left shelves.

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