For love it takes two


For love it takes two. Strange as it may seem. And we often break this simple rule.

you receive the "object" that catches us. And it does not matter to become, if he needed our love. Dog starts rubbing his border, hoping to sneak into someone else's world.

May be it happened with you, when someone throws you a message, just gets annoying calls, we meet on the way. You just frown and dismiss all these manifestations of attention, as from importunate flies.

it takes two... a Dark night lit screen of the laptop and you're lying in bed all invented, what would have to come up with a reason to surprise that intractable "second". But the fact that he does not consider himself to be the second. Like Napoleon in Poland. In Poland other interesting facts.

It is not necessary to rush for the favorite headlong to nowhere. First, you need to understand - and favorite if he actually. But the main problem is that the cooling head is not so easy. And possibly never.

to Build the priorities well in theory. In life all the more difficult. It is better when there is someone. At least in the imagination. Than anyone.

Let's deal. Better all the same not to cling. It is better to love for a little time, privacy. The smell of fire, good books, close friends, animals. But if no such anchor to pull himself together, to release on time, the glow of passion. Give yourself a day off.

And try to submit quietly, as should your understanding to interact the two in love. Not to be a fish-fish, virtual maniac, a professional dreamer.

to View life. It is very complicated and simple at the same time. It may be worth instead of their overvalued torment, to find the address and to go for the weekend to the animal shelter. Take a walk with your dog, keep an eye on her. Regret, pet, feed vocnjakom cat. And then to take him home.

And there you see, in the Universe something will click and someone will eyeing you. And immediately want to return from Poland. To be alone with you.

Anzhelika Bogdanov
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