a great FEATURE for parents👍👍👍 Rather read👏👏👏

As an interesting and easy to teach a child the desired behavior model, for example, independence, courage, confidence, sociability, desire to help... Yes, everything!

To begin with an introduction. What is our memory? Our memories are very subjective and variable. Every time I remember, the person texting her new‼this And people behave differently, depending on what they remember. Understand, Yes, that behavior DEPENDS on memories?! It is scientifically proven, read Veronica Nurkova. Maybe another time I will write about it. the
Man with bad memories of losing👎👎👎

Let's take advantage of what the memory is FLEXIBLE and easy to change beliefs about past events👍

Now read⬇this
for Example, you want to cultivate in the child INDEPENDENCE , 👆and children love to hear stories about what they were small👶 And you begin to tell those stories. "But when you were little and learned to crawl you don't want to you helped... And the first word (after" Mama" of course) was "I SAME".... And when you're one of the blind this bun, I was surprised... With a spoon no one was allowed to feed themselves..." .
In General, you tell the truth about the little hero, but very colorful, with an emphasis on how he achieved his goals by HIMSELF.
Tell a story about a walk on the platform as he dug the sand, swinging on the swing as it rocked there other children.
Let these stories be told so, as it will be HELPFUL to your child.

✔this Story needs to be EXCITING and fun. 👶must get positive emotions from the story. EMOTIONS engraved in the memory of the feeling of individual self-independent, active, successful. Know what I mean?
Be a good storyteller and each time his story create your child a positive perception of themselves.

✔app Any effects should be easy, i.e. do not impose and do not vdavlenie children legends, and just casually tell a fun story. So much so that he asked again and again. .
Wish You a happy and fulfilling parenthood!

Your psychologist Gulnara Biglova🌸

Gulnara Biglova
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