frankly, theorist of me is weak, but practical wow. Therefore, in psychology, adhere to the simple and quick directions: short psychotherapy and coaching (of course, if the problem is on the neurotic level). Do believe that the current gap between information Overspeed and slow processes in the human psyche is a real threat to civilization and lead to the division of humanity into those who... those who... it is on the principle of matching the speed of the technocratic mainstream and inconsistencies.

Even if we look at the development of psychology: where are those leisurely psychoanalytic model, now they are practiced, but are not widespread. But NLP, coaching, Erickson hypnosis cognitive-behavioral model Gestalt therapy, placement, psychodrama - i.e. something that can work fast, here-and-now (maybe slowly, but now is not it) are very popular destinations. We have no time. Ie people try to obtain the result of EFFECTIVE: it means in minimum time using minimum resources for maximum results. And this is normal.

the Psychoanalytic model was the base, the ocean of valuable meanings, paradigms, and algorithms that we all use anyway, because it's CONVENIENT. Popularizers of this model, which is sh D. Sick to her two bestselling Goddesses in every woman and Gods in every man gives us the ability to reduce the time of diagnosis and self-diagnosis, using a detailed metaphor of Greek gods and goddesses. So, a psychologist may:

  1. Quickly identify the psycho, language and the myth of the client
  2. Quickly create a strategy to work with it
  3. to Predict a positive or negative development of the psychotherapeutic situation.

And if You are not a psychologist, but this metaphor:

  1. Tell me Your preferred way to interact with the work, develop relationships, get an education, communicate with children, etc.
  2. Helps to detect that are cyclical, recurring problems associated with the lack of contact with some important part or an excess of the other (just some "goddess" or "God" too much or too little).
  3. will Tell You how to balance your behavior depending on the tasks in life that You now decide.


Xenia: I am very lonely, I don't agree with people, maybe because the introvert, tired of fast communication. No, You do not think, a husband, a dad, got a school friend, I'm not completely hopeless, but...I'd like more variety, some of the surprise out of life.

we have Before us a woman who is in good contact with my Athena (judgment, education) and Hestia ( reverie). However, Aphrodite( love, freedom, creativity), contact no. It lacks "air, freedom, people."

Larissa: Everything is somehow a good thing, I just live and enjoy life, but the years go by. It is time to decide: education, successfully married want to get. And so the joy is there, but no result.

Larisa with Aphrodite's friends (joy of life), and Athena ( practicality), Artemis (the focus) not close. It would be even with the Hero ( the role of the wife) to make friends.

Our heroine can do to broaden their capabilities: for example, she can go to dance, and Larissa finish and unfinished education.

If they come to a psychologist, I'd Ksenia worked according to the method of psychodrama, achieving greater emotional involvement and overcoming her restraint, modesty, asexuality ( Aphrodite invited to). And with Larissa, on the contrary, "included" would be coach and would have helped her to formulate her goals and develop ways to achieve them (i.e., would work with the Athena and Artemis).

Or more cases:

Gregory: I hit my wife! I, who swore never to do what my father did! She's not even indignant. And I can't sleep the second night. My father beat the mother all through my childhood. What do I do?

Gregory-a real Poseidon (emotional instability), who met and fell in love with his Amphitrite, but he lacks self-reflection (Apollo), he is torn, but can not cope with the ocean of passion.

Igor: I Have everyone in the family reasonably and fairly arranged. However, my son went against me, not talking, not answering his phone. Mother calls him - he responds by text: it's All right. I do not like it, it's not normal, it should be understood that wrong.

Igor - Hades, fair, but too with his justice and the order is worn and does not know how to love, he pushed his son have achieved their relationship. There is not enough air living (Dionysus), the contact with the inner child (Hermes).

Two intelligent adults men, understanding of ourselves, can overcome the moments of crisis: for Example, Gregory can ask for forgiveness from his wife and ask her to avoid provoking situations, Igor, asking for help to his wife or daughter, maybe to set broken son.

But when working with the psychologist, it is also understandable: With Gregory - the practice of introspection, the development of observing I ( preferably also in the group), hail to Apollo, and with Igor, any work with the "inner child": and psychodrama Erickson and hypnosis, the technique of "swing inner child", and then "meeting" with his son ( Hermes, Dionysus - more gods son).

Look, it's simple: if there is a common understanding. And it gives us a metaphor of archetypes. She, by the way, it helps to offer a therapeutic metaphor. If the client is "highbrow" and do not need to look right, you can tell myth to work with him: and cognitive, and art techniques.

for Example, man with the leading archetype of Poseidon I would tell two stories: the first about how he raped immersed in the grief of Demeter, and how he, when truly loved Amphitrite, was able to refrain from violence and as a mediator chosen intuitively the subtle communication of a Dolphin (the second myth I would not even connected with art: drawing, photographs of the sea in different States, the film about a Dolphin - so emotional stimulus material).

Dear readers! Completing the cycle of notes about how the archetypes of goddesses manifested in women 50+, of course, I proceed to a description of the archetypes of the gods in men 50+.

And, of course, invite everyone to get acquainted with our project Antalya 50+50 for yourself or your parents. That's really where the expanse of all the Gods and Goddesses - believe me, our Program is not just like that !:)

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Ceyhan Elena
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