do Not presume to argue that all of this applies to you, but not to share with you. OK. About unconditional love and acceptance. Like this? In therapy talk about it.


-you Want them to accept me as I am;

-Want to be loved;

Wish was me glad;

-I Want that counted with me;

-want, Want, want ....... THEY...ME...

But just as certainly, many already know or just heard somewhere that to ME, I must first. And if you are a friend, then it sounds like this:

-you Want to be loved, love yourself.

-you Want to be accepted, accept yourself;

I Want....they come first on my own)

And yet – give it all comes back to you 100-fold. Love, warmth, care, assistance, for it reproduces only in this way. As breast milk (comparison not mine, I hear you, but very meaningful), the more you give the more it increases. You want to be loved – love yourself. But here's the thing. Not everyone is able to Express this love in words. A loving care, a delicious lunch, gifts, experiences, and words – as a lump in the throat - and neither here nor there. And close offended, complain that they do not have enough heat some.. And you are trying, do they not see, not feel, not understand? I see, feel, kind of... BUT not HEAR. Can't hear a specific and clear response to their actions, thoughts, and feelings. And then they just have to think and think out. To somehow communicate with you. Come up and sometimes not in your favor. What they do not like that they are used that do not pay attention that you so-and-so or so-and-so, etc, etc.

what if you start with GRATITUDE (not to be confused with "well Done")? What do you feel when you sincerely thank? Look you in the eye and you see them in gratitude, joy, embarrassment under the feigned "Oh, never mind, I(a)..." and something else, very, very faint.... Is it love? A whole sea of love in this microscopic moment? Yes, this is it!) LOVE. Because at this point you WORDS tell people the following: "I care what you've done for me, I see you and I accept you. YOU'RE IMPORTANT, YOU'RE IMPORTANT TO ME."

Well, how can you not love then?) This grateful, this is me accepting and appreciating?

And "wings" I have to straighten out and make you want more and more, because you appreciate me, and therefore like (at this point exactly!)

And remember from the Bible "Love your neighbor as yourself"?

it May be worthwhile to immortalize on the paper all the things for which you are grateful first of all to himself?


P. S. And yet here is this meditation. "Thank you" literally stands for "God help you". Maybe just save the LOVE that we give and receive through gratitude?

Larissa Meschanchuk. With gratitude)

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