there is always a Choice. And there is always a causal relationship. There is a huge space on the basis of which man always finds himself most effective at that point in time when he made the decision and acted. Even if he was inactive is also an action. And when we start to feel guilty a year later that we stumbled, we forget that there is in this world the right to be wrong in each of us. To err is normal. It makes us stronger, more experienced, more effective. Is by trial and error we can find your path, your approach, your style, your personality. Don't beat yourself up for something you did not know and could not know before. People always act from their well-meaning intentions. He's not always right, but in another way not able, or does not want, because of some circumstances.

Acceptance is what helps to be a little stronger than you were yesterday. Acceptance is the key to awareness and harmony with oneself and with the surrounding world. Take good care of yourself and your mistakes put in kopilochku called "My experience" and each time say to yourself "wow, how interesting did it!". Look for new ways of development, but do not forget about the past stage in my life. This is your Foundation and the Foundation for the future success. What can I say, this is the Foundation of your success now. Yes, you are, what you are and you are already a winner in life. You have already achieved more than you think. Just sit down and remember: every day we make small victories. Every new day is special and like no other. Each of them has its own little victory thoughts, efforts, actions. Each of them is unique, just like you and myself. Just remember, every time you get up-fell and moved on, even if seemingly had no strength. Just remember who you really are...?

the Value yourself and take care of your unique signature in life.

Ovcharenko Tatiana
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