Hello! Continuing marathon of articles daily, today we will examine the topic of motivation. br>
I Warn you once - the theme is very voluminous and it in one article is not fully opening, so you might see more than one article on
this thread.

Before we proceed to the consideration of algorithms to increase the motivation, let's start with the basics - how the brain works and why we fall motivation. br>
If you drop in the very nature of man, his physiology, we can see that the brain consists almost entirely of fatty tissue.
never spend your energy in vain - the brain is the most sophisticated creation of nature. br>
Our brain has 3 levels, which were formed during the evolution:

1. The reptilian brain or the brain of instincts;
2. The brain of a mammal or herd brain;
3. The neocortex, or human brain;

This structure resembles a pyramid where at the base lies the ancient supercomputer, which the device resembles
the reptilian brain and is responsible for basic functions: to beat, to run, to eat, to make love. br>
the Main purpose of the brain is to protect us, and if it does not, our gene pool. br>
the Second level of the herd, it was formed on the basis of socialization of our ancestors, it is he we are constantly resolves issues
- adequate if we are surrounded by whether we keep social norms does not threaten anything with you to our tribe.

the aim of this stage is to ensure the survival of the population and expanding the influence of the group. br>
the Third level is the neocortex, the size of the smallest layer is not more than a film on the huge brain of a mammal
but it is this layer allows us to enjoy the painting and music, to send people into space and discover the infinite
expansion of the universe. br>
If a person has to synchronize all three levels - it resembles a super-computer on two legs. br>
In our nervous system are innumerable neurons do every second trillions of contacts is more powerful than the entire Internet combined. br>
Imagine that you can direct this avalanche of super-computers for the solution to any problem - it will give
an explosive result!! br>
But if there is a desynchronization levels in the brain - we get a sense of demotivation, when the brain conflicting signals coming from
the environment, our gray matter begins to defend where it is possible to love, to slow down where necessary to accelerate, and I'm afraid there
where it is necessary to create a new world...))

On the basis of this model offer you a system of 5 steps to work with your level of martial courage,
as said Andrei Parabellum - courage is the feeling which do great things. br>
these 5 keys:

1. A well-formulated result;
2. Arm;
3. Self-discipline;
4. The reasons;
5. Closed Gestalt;

Now, in order:

1. Our brain, as we have said, one of the most effective tools in the universe and of course he won't be wasting time
to achieve something. If we have no inspiring goals ( see goals), it (brain) will protect us
from the waste of energy in the shuffle. You've seen thousands of people with a blank, silent look - a consequence of the lack of inspiring goals. br>
There is a principle that reflects this ideal mechanics: the resource under the target. br>
We get as much energy as necessary to achieve
your goals and if we don't have well developed goals, and energy we have no will! br>
Think about it: if you had the money to close all the needs of you and your family for life, what
would you do all the time? what else would you have top pay extra? br>
If you dig deeply in this issue and to remove
all the peel (travel, shopping, money for money), you can find an endless source of energy.

What do you do lights? )

2. Writing is our goal to launch our reptilian brain, that he needed to see the real threat. br>
Take out a piece of paper and divide it into two columns: what will happen if I achieve my goal and what will happen if I target not reached. br>
In each column you need to associate in your mind the steps to achieving the goal of happy and non-achievement of objectives
by suffering. br>
How achieving the goal will improve all aspects of your life?
the pain you feel left with nothing? br>
Writing 2 lists of 10 items on a separate piece of paper attach it before your eyes in the workplace, I hung on the wall
next to the monitor, and your reptilian brain will continuously obtain information about the threats incurred by inaction and
of the pleasure of goal attainment. br>
to Paraphrase a classic, we can say this - the Reptilian brain is a good horse but poor rider ...))

Taking control this level you run the power of instinct to achieve goals, working personally with clients this level we are working out is particularly deep, he keeps huge power. br>
3. Motivation is only needed where you want to start a project, continue it over time helps self - discipline is the most useful skill,
which can be embedded in itself. br>
If you discipline yourself in the morning to do a certain ritual, you will pump up the muscle of self-discipline, which indirectly will develop your motivational ammunition. br>
My morning usually starts like this - Wake up, cold shower, yoga or Jogging, meditation or working with bessoznatelnoe and then have
work on the agenda. br>
Every time we accustom ourselves to follow a certain ritual, we are developing within themselves the skill to do what is necessary, even when the horror as would not be desirable. It is a determining factor of high achievement.

But for the development of self-discipline also need motivation!! and you can get awakening the power of good reasons...

4. I do not remember the name of the philosopher, perhaps it was Nietzsche, but he said if a person has enough WHY he will find any HOW. br>
of Course the whole phrase is distorted, but the essence I hope you get - the more we have reasons to do something, the more we will
move in this direction. br>
For example - in order to begin to write a new article a day, I made a promise that for breaking the promises I'll eat cat food on camera, it is a good reason 5 days a week to pay for good tutorial )))

But in fact here the situation is more serious, our brain is always in a state of energy conservation and only very weighty
the reasons to move it, think for example about the question:

So you do where would you get the money, if
your loved ones and relatives were evicted to the street in a month? br>
Meditate on this question you can find very interesting solutions, and if you feel the situation in the body,
you will realize that you have all the answers - how to change your life, just until you are pinned to the corner and life is not planted.
you a number of good reasons to go further.)))

Write a list of 50 reasons why you need to reach your goals and you feel the consistency - it's your brain got a competent team and involved in the work to achieve the goal. br>
5. A huge amount of energy we suck unfinished business ( unclassified Gestalt), it can be:
the words unsaid, unfinished projects, never mind the feelings, tears have been shed, forgiveness not resentment...

If on the subtle matter recommend going to a personal consultation, something about unfinished business can you recommend a simple method:

Take a pen and paper and write a list of all the unfinished business that you once promised to do, but they hung in the air, the
list the time required for sevenalive tive and shoot (finish) all the short tails. br>
a Person can be represented in the form of a pipe through which the energy flows towards the target. br>
If you have open cases or commitments, feelings or unspoken words, the pipe is scheduled to flow and many people are living drab and dull life just because you don't finast their tails and get stuck in the emotional past. br>
Summing up - what can you take from this article and implement right away:

1. List the target;
2. Insert the lever and hang it on the most visible place ( at least 10-20 answers in every column) ;
3. Adopt a morning ritual;
4. List your reasons why you have to go in the front?;
5. Make a list of unfinished business and finalite one tail per day;

In this article, we'll examine the basic techniques that can immediately enhance your level of motivation
this topic is not disclosed nor even by 1%, on the psychology and neurobiology of motivation, a lot more have something to say...

It's time to determine the topic of tomorrow's article and on this I ask you:

If you had 2 questions to me that you asked me?
- write topics that are relevant to you now and one of them we will examine tomorrow. br>

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