Can the training sessions to help people make money, well just to earn so much Ah?

and at the same time.

I not much in the way of optimism in my life, experience that the money fall down from heaven though, but it's rare and often short-lived. Usually for the extraction of money has to do something, somehow to behave and depending on the behavior's money maybe more or less.

the Primary behavior. And about the behavior very precisely, the right mathematical formula brought Kurt Lewin behavior is a function of situation and personality.

the Conclusion is that if you want money, you have to change behavior. And for this change the situation you're in and (or) personality.

more likely to change the situation. For example, moving from a provincial town to the capital, where converge the financial flows of the country. br>
a More difficult way is to change the person. This is how to upgrade equipment for the extraction of resources and then even in their poor area, production becomes cost-effective. br>
just do it and at the trainings about the money. Attempt to upgrade individual. And even there, the successes and breakthroughs along the way.

But there are no guarantees. They, incidentally, never. Absolutely not possible fully and accurately to the description of the person and the situation in which it is located. Yes, even just all the important data can not be obtained. br>
Therefore, sometimes occurring during training on a miracle it seems. So some have rave reviews of what was a significant result has been achieved, while others... others most are silent.

there is No miracle. Just for some accidental, exercise or process coincided with his situation and personality, while others do not. The word "accidentally" is the key here. Therefore, the training is usually a lot of exercise and they should do everything, because that would be important for you predicted.

could it be that it won't work now.

So no.

people are always free to you personal the upgrade.

while digging and will dig not digging it to dig and not enough. Remember forest Gump and his fishing business.

Bass Dmitriy
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