About two dimensions, two characteristics much has been said and written. The intellect and the emotions, intelligence quotient and emotional intelligence. There are two other characteristics are equally important but more difficult to understand: the feelings and sensations..

Feelings – a manifestation of our inner world, a reflection of the degree of satisfaction of our needs and values, as well as the level of intuition, foresight and intuition..

Feeling – our body language. Information about how our body reacts to everything that happens to us. Physical, external reflection of our internal world.

Four dimensions: feelings, thoughts (speech), emotions and feelings. The knowledge of these dimensions, how consciously perceive their feelings, thoughts, emotions and feelings determines the degree of manifestation of man in the world, so the opportunity of self-realization, or, in modern language, the level of success.

These measurements are the basis for the analysis of life's problems (or obstacles) of a person.

Whether psychotherapy, counseling, coaching or mentoring, the first thing that will be paid attention in the application of "4D" analysis, which of the four dimensions of the problem (or obstacle) is manifested maximally, and how it manifests in other dimensions.

the dimension through which the problem is manifested the most, is the entrance to the 4D system analysis.

If this feeling – through the study of their localization, for example, through the analysis of stresses in different parts of the body, determined probable cause, as well as formed by the mechanism (or procedure, method) of removing unnecessary "pressure" problem or management intensity of the reaction to it.

If it's emotion, through the graph the interaction of emotions reveals not only leading, but also accompanying emotion, which allows a broader look at the problem.

for Example, resentment is anger plus shame. If the person someone is offended, you can see that he is angry, and what (or whom) regret. Anger is the source of energy changes. So the emotion of resentment can obtain the resource state.

Embarrassment is shame plus worry. Shame often accompany emotions contempt, envy, guilt, anxiety. So the map of emotions helps to better investigate the problem.

If this is the speech, thinking – through the story of the person about your situation you can find out how clearly he is aware of it, if there is any malfunction in the logical structure of his story. Thus, it is possible to identify patterns of thinking, which often do not allow to see the real situation, distorting her false evaluations

If it senses that is the level energies of anticipation, foresight, intuition, the level of event stream indicates the level of his "vnutripsihicheskoy reality." The level of collision and worldview of a person with the reality of his existence. Working with feelings is quite complex, almost all of it is conducted through contact with the unconscious man. Here help tools areas of psychodynamic psychotherapy, for example, of psychoanalysis.

4D-analysis also helps to investigate the integrity of the manifestations of a person in the world. How can a person structure in their thoughts, their feelings, the events of the inner world, what emotions accompany the thoughts of a person and how a person evaluates their emotions, how emotions are reflected in the feelings and what emotions cause sensations? How the manifestations on each of the four dimensions are interrelated?

the Use of 4D-analysis (analysis in four dimensions) allows not only holistically to see the problem or available on the way to the goal, the obstacle, but in the process of psychotherapy or mentoring to provide complete system support.

Denisov Paul
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