There are 4 levels of harmony in every sphere of human life - intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual. And everything we do in life, we do on some level or another. For example, we can be successful and implemented at all four levels and the satisfaction of what we do, or only on one level and to experience difficulty on the other three. And it is not necessary that we be conscious of these difficulties, but the results will speak for themselves.

All these levels are interrelated and it is very important that all 4 levels were well established. History is a clear example of Hitler, who had a very well developed physical level: he regularly played sports and was always in good physical shape. He possessed a brilliant intelligence and high emotionality, which allowed him to develop his plan and to inspire millions of people, but it absolutely was not a developed spiritual sphere. Which led to what happened. Or another example: if the person is highly spiritual, intellectually developed, feels emotions, both their own and other people's feelings, but absolutely does not pay attention to your physical level, he will not be able to be realized harmoniously, because it is simply not enough physical health to carry the spirituality and knowledge of people.

Interestingly, this harmony is built by men and women in different ways. But in this article I propose to consider the question of disclosure of femininity through the prism of these levels. Because femininity can be manifested on all four levels, and is not shown. And the power of womanhood in its integrity, when it develops in all four directions.

Physical level:

  • Feel your body

It is primarily the ability to control your body, no clips, smooth movements, the ability to "submit" your body. It means to hear those signals, which gives us our body, about what he feels, and what is not. Maybe it warns about some diseases, and it is important to hear it in time. Be sensitive to your body and to trust him.

  • Hormonal health

it's No secret that the hormonal system determines our sexual health - the ability to conceive, to conceive, to bear children, to endure stress and much more. The main difference between men and women in hormones responsible for stress. That is a "safety cushion" in case of stress, we are different. In women is oxytocin. It soothes, calms, relaxes. In men, this hormone is testosterone - its effect is the opposite. It activates, warms and improves skin tone. The task of women is to reduce the level of stress in their lives and a constant increase in the number of oxytocin.

  • body Care

This is a full acceptance of my body as it is given to you, without the slightest criticism. Body care and desire to give him pleasure (massage, manicure, pedicure, bath with rose petals, etc.).

  • External image

External image of a woman consists of components such as beautiful clothes, accessories, jewelry, gait, voice. Modern women prefer wearing trousers because it is comfortable, practical and sometimes even very nice. However, we need to remember is that pants is an item of men's wardrobe. And the woman looks more feminine if she wears women's clothes-dresses, skirts.

Watch your gait and don't run "head first" to do everything, because you can do it quickly, but slowly - like a woman.

Intellectual level:

  • to Think like a woman

First of all, to stop being ashamed of their "female logic" and not to force yourself to think like a man. Allow yourself to be inconsistent and muddled, mutable, have more trust in your intuition. To stop live head and start living from the heart.

  • Direct their energies to women's business

to Transfer responsibility, and to put it simply is to allow man to do a man's business, and to devote their energies to women's (to create comfort, to help, to care, to give love, etc.).

  • to Be wise, not smart

First of all, stop teaching others, to tell how how to do, and just start to accept people for who they are. And this proof may be the following statement of the author, unfortunately, don't know: "a Smart woman thinks that happy is he who is right and wise woman understands that the rights of one who is happy".

Emotional level:

  • Acceptance of his emotional nature

By nature the woman is very emotional, and very important to accept it and not be ashamed to show their emotions. There is good and bad emotions, allow yourself different emotions. It is also very important at any age to be able to be childish, i.e., to have close contact with his "inner girl."

  • Relations

For a woman it is very important to develop the relations, i.e. to create and develop relationships. As relations is women, not men.

  • Creativity

to Express themselves in creative (draw, sing, dance, do crafts, etc.)

the Spiritual level:

  • to Remember you soul

Each of us has a body. Men have a male body, female - female, but we are all primarily soul. And the nature of the soul is eternal happiness. She does not die and is not born, it is full of happiness. We forget about it - and then afraid of death, aging, loneliness. Looking for happiness outside when it's waiting for us inside. Spiritual practice of any tradition - helps to gain sense of unity with God. To understand that we are his little bits.

  • to be his mission in life

to Understand what is the meaning of Your life. Follow Your mission. Be grateful for everything in Your life.

the Disclosure of femininity on all four levels allows a woman to feel a wholeness and inner harmony. Because only in this case it does not escape your true nature, and believes and follows his wonderful nature!

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