do you know the feeling when the heart starts to beat faster, my breath catches, my stomach churns. Throat spasms, chest tightens like a Hoop. We become excited, alert, try to find a way to bring the situation under control. The thoughts swirling in my head at the speed of light, or we lose the ability to think clearly, we're speechless.

All this is a typical reaction in cases when the brain sends a signal to the body “Bay  run or freeze”. Everyone has an automatic time-tested ways to respond to the alarm, that is a danger.

  1. Attempts to get rid of anxiety

From anxiety to get rid is impossible, because it is biological and is inherited from our ancient ancestors. This model just does not work: we can't get rid of anxiety just on their own. Anxiety and fear is  – reactions deep ancient parts of our brain are inextricably linked with our history. Often when faced with predators, more “alarming”  was agile and witty and tend to survive and transmit their genes to the next generation.

Alarm – the signal of danger waiting for something bad, terrible. In the brain is the release of cortisol, which pushes the body to response “fight or flight”. Such a signal can be adequate, so false, but an attempt to stifle or supplant it only exacerbates the situation.

  • consolation
  • When we are experiencing anxiety we reflexively, automatically want to get rid of her and one of the most common ways to share with someone their experiences. We could tell each other how You feel bad. Temporarily  the person becomes more relaxed, easier, but from a strategic perspective, an alert can be repeated and the client as if the needle lands on, the dependence on other people, communities, etc.  we begin to look for information about anxiety  on the Internet, and are faced with a vast array of books, articles, etc. Feature “anxious personality” is a tendency to  to help “wrap” yourself  catastrophization, so a lot of new information may simply harming the person.

     3.Chewing on anxiety “the principle of vicious circle»

    Many of us respond to the emergence of anxiety, worry,  fear   analyzing the situation, and not infrequently we come up with not very nice thoughts, images of the outcome of event such representation, representation, begin to be interpreted by us as a terrible and catastrophic that significantly enhances the alarm. We would like to enter into our created reality associiruetsya with her and begin to live, making  it is all the more disastrous. 


    the Anxiety often makes us want to run away, to hide, to disappear. We strive to avoid unpleasant situations, whether difficult negotiations, public speaking, conversation with the boss, flying a plane, beginning a complex project. The problem with avoidance is that in the long run the anxiety is only growing and can move to a neurotic.

     Avoiding unsettling events, we may experience temporary relief, but the next time you encounter obstacles will become much more complicated, and the situation will seem even more frightening. Would be the right decision to meet the situation face to face. Fear begins to recede, because  the brain begins to understand that nothing terrible happens.

    so, we can't get the alarm to go off, and the avoidance of it only increases. So we have no choice but to accept the anxiety, acknowledge it and go  to meet her. This will help us begin to build a  relationship with her.

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