Colleagues, decided to share with you the material we use for the study of limiting beliefs.

This system is proven in the following areas:

- Eliminate financial self-sabotage;

- health Problems, until the worst of ills;

- Troubleshoot issues related to relations;

- the Solution to the internal conflict of the entrepreneur in the growth phase of the business;

Immediately warn inexperienced users, if you decide to work out beliefs then don't stop until you pass all 11 points.


Technique 1: identifying limiting beliefs

Enter an empty string of allegations concerning any situations or areas of life where you feel stalled:

1. If I get what I want, then ... (What can you lose or what could go wrong if you will get what you want?)

2. To get what I want, be mean to me ... (Which is bad for you and others that you will get what you want?)

3. Due to the fact that ... everything remains the same (What prevents the situation will change?)

4. If I get what I want, then ... (What problems could cause that you will achieve what you want?)

5. The situation will never change because ... (What limitations or barriers are keeping the situation in its current state?)

6. I can't get what I want because ... (making it impossible for you to get what you want?)

7. I am not able to get what you want, as ... (What personal flaw prevents you to get the desired result?)

8. Better not be, because ... (you will always hinder success?)

9. I always felt that this is a problem because ... (Some constant factor that hinders you to achieve the result?)

10. Wrong to want change, because ... (What makes your desire to want change is wrong and inappropriate?)

11. I don't deserve to get what you want, because... (What you did or didn't do. why are you unworthy to get what I want?)

the following technique, we bleed these limiting beliefs one of the most simple techniques, study beliefs.

Technique 2: Create the opposite examples

Choose a limiting belief, which you found in the previous technique. I recommend to formulate the belief in the format of cause and effect or generalizations: "... because ...." and "all men ..." Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Whether there were cases when people did not achieve results in ... despite the fact that they had ... (People taking advantage of me, didn't get it)

2. Whether there were cases when people, not having ... reached the result? (People didn't use the advantage that had reached the result)

Technique 3: the Method 6 issues

After you have identified the limiting belief technique 1, you can begin studying the restrictions using this technique. Ask the following questions:

1. Who told me that?

2. Whether it is a worthy example for imitation ( a person who lives with these beliefs)?

3. That I should this belief on an emotional level?

4. That I should this belief on the level of relations?

5. What gives me this belief is at the level of Finance?

6. What gives me this belief on a spiritual level?

Your task is to associate this belief with the greatest amount of suffering to your subconscious wanted to get rid of this belief.

Imagine and feel the repulsion towards this belief and imagine how it is in the form of a glass ball falls into your hand.

When you feel ready to change this belief, imagine that the ball you throw, Yes it will be fun in the sun and imagine how it flies at the outer surface and falls exactly into the molten ball and disappear into it.

At this point, in place of this belief a void I need to fill.

In this step, you need to cross out the belief from which you escaped and record more suitable for your life wording.

For example: - "I am not worthy of a lot of money" becomes "I am a money magnet because you deserve it" "I can't build a business because you don't know how" in "I'll build the business, because we actively operate in this direction."

Technique 4: table Model

to consolidate the new belief, I suggest to use the following model:

1. Write the belief you want to implement;

2. Write 10-30 evidence for this belief, even if it sucked from the finger.

take an inventory of their beliefs and adjust their internal picture of the world to the desired state and results will not keep itself waiting.

But please remember that our achievements are specific actions, not what we think or aspire to at the moment.

With respect Nazarkin Daniel!

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