Hello! Today as the article I decided to give you 4 techniques, which gave two years ago at the seminars "Psychology of communication". br>
the idea of workshops was born on the basis of experience, as a student had difficulties in communicating with people and was surprised when I started to contact people in a personal consultation - they described roughly the same problem! br>
Here is a short list of requests, which had to work:

1. How to relieve the tension in communication;
2. As to fill the contact warm and positive emotions.
3. How to win a man;
4. How to get out of social exclusion;

Previously have been confident that every problem has a simple solution. br>
But faced with different circumstances that conviction was overridden so there are symptoms of the problem, they are like the leaves on the trees, they are easy to break or be resolved quickly by technicians, but there are systemic reasons for their occurrence and these reasons and should be solved in order to solve the problem completely. br>
As the poet said: a thousand people breaks the leaves off the tree of evil, there is only one that is cut down at the root. br>
this offer here technology, pre-warned, are more rapid solution to the symptoms, the system solution will be in the end.


1. 10X10 appliances:

In our brain is similar to a system identification friend or foe, which is used for military purposes. We instinctively feel sympathy towards those who are similar to us and subconsciously protect ourselves from those who, in our opinion, so different from us. br>
But who determines your whether the person is in front of us or someone else? br>
Nelson Mandela once said: if we looked more often on our similarities than on differences, this world would be less wars and more love. ( possibly distorted ))

If we feel tension in a conversation with another person, then perhaps the reason lies in the fact that we focus our attention on what we're different from our interlocutor and if we find at least 10 point, where my partner and I concur - that the stress in dealing out! br>
Great topic by the way - let's talk about what our views are similar...))

What to do: either out loud, or to myself, be alert to the talking points of intersection. Views, thoughts, life experiences - in all this we can find common features. br>
Find at least 10 common points with your companion and see how you change the attitude.

When we find something in common c the partner, the emotionally closer to each other. br>
2. The technique of "the Sun":

Our subconscious mind works on images. Sin not to use. br>
Many people complain about the cold and unemotional communication. Sometimes it seems that conversation is the last century, especially during the explosive development of social networks. br>
we offer you the technique allows to correct this situation, filling the communication with your interlocutor or audience in front of which you will serve, warm emotions. br>

1. Imagine that you have chest lies the sun. Note - what he looks like, what color, three-dimensional or flat?
If he uttered a sound, what would it be? How does it feel? br>
2. Imagine that you can direct rays and heat of the sun where you want, try to warm the person who sits in front of you or with you must occur. Imagine that the person begins to relax, keep warm and get a tan under the rays of the sun which is in your Breasts. br>
using this technique, you change your non-verbal signal. The source starts getting warmer applies to you, as you radiate light and warmth. This technique allows you to fill the conversation friendly energy and very easily translates communication in a positive manner. br>
3. The technique of "Gift";

the Following technique allows deep to win a man, as though giving him a gift, which we represent in thought. br>
Imagine that your partner receives from you the keys to a new luxury yacht, apartment or expensive car.
it is Important at this point to see that the person accepts this gift and then join the non-verbal communication and your message will reflect that and people will treat you even warmer than before "gift". br>
80% of communication is non-verbal level - at the level of expressions, gestures, postures, tone of voice...

Another great technique that easily allows you to customize the person to a positive contact with you, through your own attitude,
is to looking at him, within himself to utter the phrase "I love you" and find 2-3 traits in a man that we truly admire. br>
These words we begin to Express with his body and facial expressions, tone of voice and gestures - we begin to radiate love, isn't it the most expensive? )

4. How to get out of social isolation? br>
the Last paragraph in the article refers to "systemic" issues. Many people, especially in large cities, are experiencing loneliness and social networks add fuel to the fire! br>
to leave the prison and be allowed to tune up our lives with new colors, I recommend in any way to inflame a state of burning interest. br>
a Sense of curiosity (interest) is the engine of the person, often, simply having an interest in other people beyond focusing on ourselves, we open a whole new spectrum of feelings and our life becomes a fascinating journey! br>
in order to rekindle this wonderful sense enough to remember How you breathed in that moment, when I experienced a state of curiosity? What questions have you asked yourself? What were you doing at this moment? br>
a Sense of curiosity opens us to the "new, brave world", so why not recall a rule that is as old as the world:

don't be interesting, be interested!

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Daniel Nazarkin
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