Let's now talk about energy. But not about the energy that's in the socket, and our internal human energy. A Russian proverb says: "muscles are required, intelligence not essential." What do you do when you do not have enough physical strength? It remains to be smart. Here's how for helping practice: how to develop the strength of our spirit and our mind.

to understand how I developed the Navigator Will, which is dealt with in the book I'm working with - we need to clearly understand that all our vital functioning occurs on four basic levels that form a hierarchy: 1. Corporal; 2. Sensory; 3. Mental; 4. Strong-willed

Bodily level

Level of physical, bodily energy, our level of health. If there is no health, it is very difficult to engage in self-realization, therefore, is a basic level – the ordering of which should start. If the health of many is half of success, but, as a rule, we lack the simple physical energy to achieve what we need because usually our dreams lie beyond what we can get hand right now. To be able to see how we lose our physical strength will help us this practice as samanalawewa, which I'll discuss later.

Sensitive level

Because we live in a society, then our expression and our self-realization are social in nature. That is, in order to achieve something that is beyond our body we interact with other people. The main kind of such interaction is emotional. Emotions are human relationships, expressed by feelings, sometimes very difficult feelings. Did you know that the human child already by 12 months from its birth experiences the whole range of human emotions – from joy and happiness to anger and sadness? But have you ever thought of the fact that most religions of the world aim to regulate the emotional sphere of the person, not the mental, cognitive? Because the basis of social life is an emotional basis, it is a sensual relationship between people. Emotions are an integral part of any image, of any facility (together with information and influence on behavior). Psychologists have even had to introduce into scientific circulation such a contradictory concept as emotional intelligence, because it turned out that the classical cognitive intelligence is not always explains the success and high position in society.

To realize his dream – we need the help of other people. That people voluntarily began to help us – we need to share with them his dream, to infect them with his determination, his positive emotions: "shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow", as we say in the nation. People to give us their energy, helped us – they need to be able to engage in the overall process, and the best way to do that is through emotional contagion.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate with other people, interact with them through empathy and empathy.

a Wonderful practice to help on the emotional contagion of others is called sharing. How does this practice we describe in more detail in other articles.


At this level we are dealing with our old, good friend – intelligence (who is friends with the head J). To distinguish it from emotional intelligence, we call it mental intelligence. It is important to remember that the main characteristics of mental intelligence is the speed. The speed of problem solving. Mental intelligence – the ability to solve problems + life experience + education + ability to explain the answer + skill of logical thinking. But the main characteristic that distinguishes the wise from an idiot – that's how fast we are able to do it all. In fact, any task can be solved with an unlimited budget of time and money. Or as we say: "with money and the fool can, you, here, without money try to do."

It is on the mental level there are energy-consuming (especially for brain) processes, such as situation analysis, priority setting and the most difficult job for many people – the problem of the correct choice.

Volitional level

the Most difficult level is the level of organization processes. When we are able to achieve results due to our will. The volitional level is the highest level of the flow of our energy. People who have achieved great success in this life who were able to fulfill your potential and Express yourself - is often achieved not at the expense of their physical or emotional features (even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan). These people have achieved good result due to the ability to self-organization, to organize the processes and interactions with other people. They were able to "ride the wave": that is, to be in the right place at the right time. That's what you need to be able to cope with their strong-willed energy that lives on other principles than the energy of the first three levels. The volitional level is different, we will call a meta-cognitive level, it is the cognitive (mental) level, controlling the process from the top-down hierarchy. The volitional level can still be called, and a Royal level because it is the most important. About a man who does not know what he wants, lives by instinct of the body or emotional impulses say, "he's no king in the head."

aerobatics is a synergistic effect when you know how to manage all four types of his vital energy, to synchronize them under the guidance of his will and to powerful effect of their resonance interaction. That is, ideally we have: at the same time I feel good physically, be balanced emotionally, and intellectually prepared to not only have a clear view of goal, but organized and strong will to achieve it.

Alexey Fisun
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