People smell differently. No, not even that. Somebody smells like. Someone smells....

And it's not about the perfume now. Someone who people want to get closer to inhale its smell, and from someone involuntarily distanciruemsa.

People smell differently. Yes. And it's not on the concentration of salt/sugar, the vanilla/ylang, tart oak and crushed pine needles. It's about the lives of people in the last time.

My nose in early childhood, took over part of my short-sighted eyes and the compensation is first led me in interest and confusion. Being a teenager, began frankly to frighten. But in adult life I just accepted it as a given. There is.I've learned to live with it. To disable this I have now also obtained on the machine. And be included too.

In these new year holidays people are inspired by tight contact with each other. The quality of this contact is different. Most interesting to observe the change in smell from one person. It changes like in its internal L'etoile, and he bought, finally, the whole collection, which was the dream, but did not dare to buy. And now it is. And he brings with him into the office the smell is as light as a cloud and quick as the first sex.

a Cold North-West. This is the major. He smells of loneliness and wind. Aroma penetrates immediately and quickly inland, in the center of your navel. So suffocating the baby in a strong wind frost.

But the smell becomes heavier and darker, so begins to smell trouble, turning into the defense. This is a man who learned that his wife is Dating other men.

the Woman who just decided to get out of the relationship with the husband-alcoholic, smells like a blast furnace, spilling molten metal in two shifts, and, between them, without rest, baking buns for the entire city. This smell unbearably bitter.

But the woman whose child died. It smells like a stop and a mute question in space, breaking through the limits of the universe. The smell of the cold and endless. Is a pillar between us. As a dense stream of light aimed up high.It frightens and attracts simultaneously.

the Man who smells of layered viscous mixture of resentment, hatred, fear, and love towards women, was next to me at the same table in the discovery café....I didn't even look at him, and through aroma slowly read his life. My nose leads me. And a man starts talking through me:"my whole life revolves around women:mother, sister, ex-wife, who was also older than me....I'm 30..and I did everything for them and is unnecessary..." Then I look in his eyes fleeing, stand up, and leaving too.....I am 44.

a Child who has divorced parents, the smell of burnt electricity. Smoke flavor yet, but a short and an open fire mixed with wet tears already acute in my throat....

From a woman who smells like repressed sexuality, I want to move away and keep distance. There bomber blend pressed powder, tongues of fire and a crude slab of concrete.....

But the man who brings with him a train of the reading room of the library. It is very rare and I want to breathe it seems to be endless. The smell is fresh and ancient at the same time. It notes of wisdom and they smell Latin letters that respond to a warm turquoise. But it is fleeting.

And here I am standing alone in the middle of the noisy red Avenue and get lost in sensation:"was there a man?"...and then the vision focused on the figure running away into the distance, breaking through the crowd at an easy gait. Yes, rare fragrance.


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With respect to you, Lika, koncewicz, psychologist/sexologist, Novosibirsk

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