Why psychotherapy surchargeI?

This gives a special meaning to this process. I try not to mark equal pay advice for all. Because, at the time of referral to a specialist, people can be different social and financial situation, a different degree of need for professional support. Offering price range, I give people the ability to choose a suitable value below the price was affordable and at the same time important for him. Because if the value of psychotherapy to a particular person excessive at this stage of life, but there is an urgent need of professional help, it will lead to more imbalance in his life. If, on the contrary, the cost of psychotherapy is quite minor, it can lead to a depreciation of the process. Thus, pay for the consultation itself carries psychotherapeutic effect - it builds responsibility, learn to plan a budget, disciplinary. In addition, the financial reward contributes to maintaining the professional position of the therapist.

Why the psychologist/psychotherapist does NOT GIVE ADVICE on how to act in a given situation, what decision to take, whom to choose a partner (spouse)?, etc.. Because the task of psychotherapy is to develop a person's responsibility for themselves and their lives, to learn to see the variety of ways out of difficult situations and ways of solving problems. Otherwise, if the psychologist regularly to your client will give advice, it will form a dependence on psychotherapy and counseling. Thus, it will strengthen infantile (childish) attitude, and people at risk, without solving their psychological problems, to become an eternal customer of the fan to give "correct" advice. Psychologist/therapist helps a person to understand the problems, to expand their vision on them, to find acceptable ways of solving of difficult situations.

Psychologist/therapist might be able to change other people (relatives, children, husband, wife, etc.)? Therapist does not change the nature and habits of the loved ones who came to psychotherapy or counseling. I have not once had to deal with such requests: "make sure that he/she loved me", "help me change my husband, wife, daughter-in-law", etc. It's impossible. A psychologist can help the person to change yourself, your life, your way.Thus, only by changing yourself, your behavior, emotional reactions, people can contribute to changes in their environment and life.

Psychologist/therapist can help me find a husband/wife, to meet someone? No. A psychologist is not a representative of marriage Agency in search of your companion/life partner. Psychotherapy will help the person to understand, what prevents to build close and lasting relationships with others. To understand for what reasons in your life is a logical conclusion of a romantic relationship is the wedding and how this can change.

Who is a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist? a Psychologist has a degree in psychology to help people using psychological techniques. A psychiatrist has a medical degree is a doctor, he treats his patients with medication. A therapist in Russia is considered to be the one who received health education on a speciality the doctor-the therapist. However, psychotherapy can deal with people with basic education or psychological health and has received additional psychotherapeutic education in any of the directions of psychotherapy (psychoanalysis, Gestalt-terapia, existential psychotherapy, etc.).

To a psychologist/therapist treat only ill people? To a psychologist/therapist can ask different people, like with a mental disorder and mentally healthy. Issues, topics of conversation, questions to the expert, there are a variety. In addition, the psychologist can address people who in life are satisfied with the aim of self-knowledge, personal, professional or spiritual growth.

Inga Kulikova A., clinical psychologist, family psychologist, accredited Gestalt therapist, a member of the OPP GP.

Inga Andreevna
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