A. Modigliani. "the Woman in white coats".

by Purchasing a white coat, and quite unexpectedly, I then got an excuse to write an article "a woman in a white coat".
Writing, I stumbled on the Internet for a picture of A. Modigliani, "the Woman in white coats" And ... udivitelnomu was amazed at the talent of Italian artist!

His portraits are as different as they were emotional.
Every woman his brush, it's a whole universe with complex relations with the world, myself, love or dislike. And his "Woman in white coat" touched me to the core.

I fell in love with his work! I used to use in his work of art-therapeutic methods of using works of art. And after meeting with the works of Modigliani decided to make a compilation of the portraits of Modigliani. Use them as metaphorical associative images. It turns out very interesting. Yes there is amazing!)

I Suggest you perform a simple task that will help you to see yourself in a new light. Select portrait, the  which has caused in you the greatest emotional response. Don't ask yourself why he. If the hand reaches for it, so in this picture your subconscious mind "saw" something familiar.

Ask yourself:

"What woman?", "is She happy?", "What is happening in her life?" the Answers to these questions will prepare you for a closer contact with it.

"What qualities attract her to me?", "I don't like/annoying?" the Answers to these questions will help you to see his take and accept ("shadow").

"What is it worried/sad/annoyed?, "What is its resource?" These "advanced" you in understanding their own problems and difficulties. And helps you see your own resources.

Write down the answers. Discuss the results obtained with a close friend, and even better with a psychologist. Surprisingly, and your friend confirms a certain similarity between you and the selected portrait. And not portrait similarity, and its emotional component.

for Example, a woman in a white coat turned out to be in tune with my fine perception and exquisite taste (according to my girlfriend). Although I originally chose this portrait by ... we have both white coat)

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