From a psychologist you need to keep yourself?

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so, my first article was about how to choose a psychologist, but this will be about how to recognize the layman.

First option pseudopsychology is a "specialist" who predicts the future, working in any suit with the corresponding attributes with a crystal ball, candles on the issues of celibacy, love spell, etc. Believe me, I had people from these "psychologists", because when a person is ill, he is looking for any ways to cope with the pain.

Second option is the psychologist who shouts that will change Your entire life, direct your own hands. in addition to frustration You get nothing because the client and only the client changes their life.

I came up with the metaphor of a coin, to about to show You how the expert. A man comes to the reception and says that he is in the hands of the coin, which depicts a bird, and he doesn't know what to do with it. The psychologist with the help of certain technologies helps to learn/feel/consider bird coin value, it scrapes, edge of a coin... can see the other side of the coin You hold in your hands and don't know what it all is. And the client decides what to do with it: save, spend, invest...

Third option. Psychologist, who claims that the cope with Your problem to start and charge you for this advice a lot of money, because he knows that You will not come.

the First advice is usually information-gathering and diagnosis. Do not expect the first meeting of radical changes and the fireworks of emotions.

From experience I will say that there are clients which only one advice:

Is a client which is itself a very very good job on the problem and left to do just one step to anything. Then one consultation he enough to dot the "i".

Is the client who acted on the principle "come-scared-gone." Hence, no time, no place, not Your expert, and perhaps specialist, which has caused/increased the internal resistance.

- a client who believed that he was going to say concrete action. He'll do and his life will change. The Council has not received, will say that was a psychologist, but it didn't help.

Fourth option. Specialist, giving You an assessment and direct advice: "You are wrong to live. Now I will tell You how and what to do!!!".This "psychologist" can be found in every city, on every bench, at each entrance. Yeah, and to go far? In his own family often You can give these "recommendations".

If You notice, all the points in the article may derive one from another and combined with each other, for example, the first and fourth option or second and third, etc. of Course, the criteria I select, conditional, and You can add many more, but I still stopped, in my opinion, the main.

Psychologist, art therapist Galeta J. S.

Galeta Jan
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