Strong anxiety, depression, lack of desire to do anything, irritability. All this affected family life and physical well-being. With these symptoms came to me and A.(the resolution of the client on the description and publication of received).

According to client's apparent reason for such a state was not. In the family and all is well at home, work, favorite, have Hobbies, play sports. And, really, why we had to start work is not clear. All well A. in addition to her emotions!

But  the picture is wonderful life is gradually beginning to dissolve, when I went more detailed discussion about the work of the client (the whole process of counselling will not describe). Favorite work, but its content and fullness in the last two years has ceased to satisfy a woman.

Change jobs? No! It's a comfort zone all know, earned credibility, convenient mode. And those little things that don't suit you can tolerate. Here and suffered A. for two years.

As a result of “little things grow” drop by drop, increasing the dissatisfaction of the women.

All this was in full view. But not for  clients! All causes of negative emotions and experiences  not aware of it, was deeply hidden.

Like  to A. she saw what was happening in her inner world (so to speak).

it was Also clear that client “grew” of his post. There was a clear inhibition of self-actualization.

With the mentality of “pull” worrying on the surface and understand where to go next, we come to the method of the Mandala and began to draw.

Tired - draw flowers
Evil - draw the line
Want to relax – draw patterns...(Leonardo da Vinci)

Mandala the No. 1 “Target” showed all the emotions that A. described in the request.

Mandala indicates the presence of feelings of helplessness, vulnerability, which give rise to anxiety. Here in the face of attempts to build a clear action to protect yourself from mistakes, to reduce everything to a simple “formula” to shut the external world.

In the process of discussion and analysis of the mandala, the client admitted that he really is constantly experiencing the helplessness, since it can not change anything in their work, vulnerable to the authorities. Want to change something, but is afraid. Afraid of losing what is familiar and understandable. At the same time this mandala does not lead to actualization of the person. This is a short interim phase, which should lead to a new stage. In the case of delaying a person experiences negative symptoms.

the Next meeting took place 10 days later.

Mandala No. 2 “Functioning Ego”. This is mandala man ‘standing on her feet”

Alexei was already more relaxed and confident. Analysis and discussion of the mandala revealed that the woman began to open myself up; realized that he could “move”. Her life was a dynamic period. The output from a sleeping state, the activation and enjoyment of activity. This mandala indicates the person's willingness to take risks, openness to new ideas.

And in fact said that she was offered another job in her specialty with the responsibilities that she “wanted”.

Also, the client said that the opportunities have always been – she just didn't see.

Mandala # 3 “Crystallizing”. (two weeks later)

she was interviewed at the desired position, wrote the application on dismissal.

the Mandala indicates the existence of a state of harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Mandala opened for A. theme “I and society”, provided for professional updating. The woman was in a new environment, but successfully it was adapted.

What is the result? Anxiety gone? Yes. But it was the surface of things, behind which hides a layer of more serious experiences.

Summary – it's self-understanding and professional life.

That led to this outcome? And mandala drawing? Of course!

the Mandala creates a safe and comfortable environment for the human psyche. Drawing helps to gently work with the subconscious, creating a paper pattern of problems or a difficult situation. Plus, positive emotions and the effect of diverting the person from their negative thoughts. We do not focus on the problem, and go to something new. In aggregate, the result is a tremendous effect!

 Try to create a new pattern of his life!

Akinina Anastasia, psychologist, art therapist, mandala therapist.

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