From bad habits to beauty and health!


Tired of bad habits?
Want to break with them once and for all?

Offer to your attention a simple, effective way - the elastic against bad habits.

This technique is quite known, but it is often possible to hear the verdict: "it doesn't work". Does not work if you don't know the main trick, which I with pleasure will share with you in this article.

Start practice right now! Time to work wonders!

Select the habit you want to get rid of.
It may be the bun for the night, non-Smoking, it could be resentment or habit of complaining.
Or even the words-parasites.

Choose? Excellent!

Take the elastic that will not greatly interfere with clothing, your daily outfit, and put her hand on day 21. It could fit a bracelet or a watch. Importantly, the accessory was quite neutral, not boring.

Whenever you want selected in the habit to do, roll the elastic on hand, it can be a little "click". This way, you have this elastic reminiscent of the "I am now fully aware of his actions. I know I had the intention to hurt yourself a bad habit." You can say that you are so open dialogue with his conscience.

the Rubber band is always in front of you, she on the hand, you always want to see her. So, for example, you want to say the word parasite, you popped a little this elastic, not much, of course, that doesn't hurt. And....

the classical variant of the technique at the end there, then what sort of a conscience have to say "ouch" and you dutifully nothing harmful will not do it.

it doesn't work. In this embodiment, the rubber is unlikely to work, because this habit will not just hand over their positions. And if you pass, you immediately asked the other harm. And, to prevent this, we use the principle of conscious replacement!

In the moment when you are caught in a desire to hurt myself and recorded this moment with a black elastic band, it is necessary to make some brief and very useful exercise.

for Example, it is possible to dramatically compress and decompress fingers, 10 times, 20 times, 30 times. This is an absolutely terrific exercise for the heart! And now you have a choice – for example, to smoke one cigarette or heart to help. And you can choose only one! This is the main secret technology, which makes its working and efficient!

even If of 20 cigarettes one to throw away and instead make a useful exercise - it will be better for the body. It will be good.

I often offer this practice exercise, which everyone likes, especially women. And this is not surprising because it's so enjoyable!

the activity is called "a Million kisses to heaven" - pull his lips up at the sky and kiss the clouds, sun, stars! You can write the name of the lips of the beloved in the sky or his heart's desire. You can just imagine that all around you there are beautiful giants and just before you reach them, giving them kisses.

And this is an awesome exercise, just three weeks later you will stun result: strengthened oval face, strengthened the cheeks, lips, it's just minus five years in appearance! Besides, this exercise really improves mood. Try it and you will feel it yourself.

This exercise with great pleasure, not only women, but men. To be young and beautiful useful to all.

You can create a whole piggy Bank of such exercise to replace bad habits. And every day the amount of benefit is going to outweigh the amount of hurt and gradually reducing it to nothing.

Change harmful useful!
Be healthy and happy!

Jorgina Hope
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