From black and white movie in color: the ability to enjoy life


From the black-and-white film in color. About the ability to enjoy life.

do we Know how to rejoice? Where do we get this feeling? As it appears? br>
When I started to "Wake up" after a very difficult period in my life, I remember how tremendously changed my feeling. I went outside, it was a warm autumn, end of September. And suddenly I began to notice all around: what a clear blue sky, and the trees are beautiful, it turns out, the foliage is pleasantly rustling underfoot, the air is delicious...I remember very well this change on the inside, seemed to awake from their lethargy. Life was black-and-white movie and suddenly became colored. br>
of Course, not suddenly. I had to put a lot of effort for this miracle. But the moment of "enlightenment" was magical. Since then, I became a different person. I, like everyone, is sad, sad, but I learned how to help themselves, learned to rejoice, to give thanks for granted, and it saves in all circumstances.

In fact, joy is everywhere. And the most important thing you need to learn to see it. We walk down the streets looking at boot socks, but there is so much beautiful: building of incredible architecture, interesting person with a wonderful beret on his head, fluffy cat, watching the city from the window of the first floor. If you start to notice that joy will be present in your life. Instead of the usual: "again, gray sky, tired", you can say: "what is today a beautiful, smoky". You need to try to see the beauty. Day fail, two fail and the third succeed.

Again, if I understand that I'm not very happy was, you know that can give me these feelings. People also choose the easiest and most convenient way, basically. To go to a bar to get drunk, to feel from this illusory rise. Why do we have hypermarkets are teeming with people? Because food and alcohola kind of surrogate "fillers monotony of everyday life". And it is possible to go the other way. For example, to go to the waterfront to enjoy the sunset on the Neva river, wrapped in a warm blanket and watch a favorite movie with a friend to take a walk in the Park. Everyone has their own recipe on this.
These things seem elementary. But many remain at the level of "heard know." And the whole point, then what? What they need to do. br>
All it requires from us effort. Maybe this word is not very right now people like, but in any case, the "muscle of joy" also requires training. We mostly expect our heads of something wonderful will fall. A miracle will happen. But the miracle comes to those who are prepared for it. And the willingness is accumulating that such simple things. br>
we are required to change the point of view on the simple everyday events of life. To be able to see the good, thank you. The nice thing about this is that the brain pretty quickly gets used to a new perception. We are the person that you create yourself. I can create myself a whiner and be cranky. But you can try and create yourself a man who likes this life. Changing the world — the world is changing. From the inside — out. It works 100%. The universe responds to us.

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