In South America are inhabited by ants, which is called "ant-bullet" (Paraponera clavata). The name they deserved the terrible force of the bites, the pain of which is comparable with a gunshot wound and does not pass day. On the pain scale Schmidt of bites they take pride of first place with an index of 4+, ahead of the bees, wasps and other insects. This gift the ants can do not only due to the strong jaws and due to the neurotoxin that causes paralysis of the bitten limbs, vomiting, fever, cardiac arrhythmia and shock.

the Most impressive thing about this story is not nature that did this, and the man who found the way to use these ants in their culture.

Some Brazilian tribes use ants bullets in one of the most important of their processes – the initiation rites of boys, which transferred to the status of adult men.

the ceremony is very simple: you wear gloves braided length beyond the wrists, which stuck dozens of ants-bullets tips inside, go into the center of the circle and hold out for 10 minutes. Thus it is necessary to dance. And sing. Then to fall into oblivion for a day with paralyzed hands.

it becomes more Complicated then such dances need to go from 10 to 20 times, the ritual can last for months, depending on how long you're going to recover. To decide the first time is easy because you don't know what's waiting for you. Resolved further then ten times harder because you know what infernal pain is found.

On YouTube there is a video where a white journalist at one of these ceremonies, too, decides to wear gloves and to dance. But only he had to wear a glove on one hand like an ant then bit him, and the journalist began to struggle in agony, calling out to the doctor. He answered that the best cure is to stand in a circle, singing and dancing.

a Few moments it lasted, but then fell and was taken to the hospital.

If any of you were wondering what those tortures, the answer is obvious — to prove their ability to withstand hardships and adversities of life, and only then to earn the status of "men".

If you can bear it, all other suffering will stand easily, and be able to defend himself, the woman children. One of the participants of the ceremony said on another video: "If you do not suffer in life, then your life means nothing".

Such ceremonies called initiation, i.e., literally, dedication. Male initiation existed (and still exist) in many cultures, from the Vikings, who had to prove that they know how to survive alone in the cold forest, (well shown in the TV series "Vikings" on the example of Bjorn, son of Ragnar) and South African tribes where you have to run across the backs of bulls, proving their agility and dexterity to European knights, ordination to which is impossible without testing.

the Passage of such tests not only gives the status of "men", but leaves in the human psyche a lasting emotional trace, vivid and strong memories about how he was able to withstand all the difficulties. These memories will help him in future not to lose and easier to cope with problems.

The modern and advanced countries of initiations, especially male, almost none. At least I have not found good examples. Yes, echoes are winning the fights, the exams, both introductory and outlet, the military oath, but it is not as transforming and raising the status of the test, but as just a normal step on the path to further development, which will be many more.

the Word "man" rarely is a status, not causing a positive reaction (especially in Russia), does not nothing special, for what would cost is the initiating rites. How many of you actually use the word "man" in everyday life? Most people have "men", "boys" (OK, some "cats"), and someone prefers to stay in perpetual adolescence, which avoids the difficulties and problems. However, many of these "teenagers" play games in which they have successfully overcome difficulties and grow in rank (reaching 80 level).

the Game is actually a good example that this kind of initiation is needed, but gone into the category of amusements.

I guess the problem with the absence of rituals tied to two things:

1) the Tribes and clans ceased to exist as a stable and durable unit of society, is now the most stable unit is the family. If you had all the tribe of men was preparing the boy to become a man through pain and difficulties, and supported him in this, and the abandonment of the rite would lead to censure or even expulsion of the boy, despite the protests of parents, now no one will not be able to affect the boy if the father would be sorry to force the child to suffer. br>
2) In the modern world, too many activities, too many choices, what to do, and it is unclear what kind of initiation is needed. If earlier for the status of "men" was enough to be able to survive and kill, you now need to know much more: write, count, earn and pay the bills, to sign and abide by complex contracts (understand the law), to monitor the health and nutrition, understand the repair and equipment, etc., etc. Each area is huge in depth, and in order to understand it, you need a lot of experience and time. Initiate moved into the category of skills, developing which can be called "lawyer", "doctor", "photographer", "professional", etc. a Sort of complex differentiation into many dot skills.

However, there are strict fathers, and the division into hunters, gatherers, and craftsmen has been in the past, so the question about the disappearance of initiation remains open.

But despite the variety of activities now, there's still one skill you must possess a man – is the ability to perform planned or promised, to change the future at will, in spite of doubts, fears, mood swings, etc.

it is Necessary not only to develop it but also to create tools that will test this skill and to separate the capable from the incapable. For the first it will be an occasion for pride, and for the second motivation to get themselves to change something.

the First steps in this direction, we are already doing in the Men's RCU, but I am open to any ideas. Write, if you have options that can and should be done in the direction of male development.

Domrachev Paul
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