a Centuries-old tradition prevailing in our country for centuries has left a big imprint on the consciousness of the people living in it, especially women. Until the early 20th century a woman is not perceived as an independent person, neither the legislative nor at the community level ( there may be rare exceptions and must support either husband/lover or equity/inheritance).

we are Talking about that girl of childbearing age, parental family immediately fell with her husband's family. It happened in noble families and in the families of ordinary workers and peasants. No one thought much about personal development of female sex, higher grace could be considered getting any education at the higher levels and the ability to marry is not in 14-15 years and 17-18. In the villages also did not have this possibility: there valued the health, efficiency, the ability to farm.

lived So it was in Russia female population.

Now in an age of progress and modern technologies, high-speed Internet and the ability to disperse rain clouds it would seem that everything has changed...But is it really? Women have equal rights with men are enshrined in law, is living, learning, work and life partner. But the collective unconscious - the archetypes has not been canceled ( and had described it as a time in the early 20th century, Carl Jung).

And here are our independent women happily build a career, learn about the possibilities of safe sex, are the thorns of motherhood and marriage, but deep down remain daughters who rely first on the support of his family, often the mother and her opinion, and then happily go under the wing men who is willing to provide stability and reliability in the age of changes....

Just becomes sad to me because sometimes the opportunity independent growing girl, turning her into a woman is connected or only with a man ( as if without him she is not a woman) or with the role of wife and mother. The wife and mother often resonate with the functional duties of a housekeeper ( cleaning, feeding), and the role of the wife - support endeavors of her husband and sex. And "woman" are lost in these days and can afford to occur only in beautiful dresses, cosmetics and sexy lingerie.

So who is this woman to you? And how naturally and comfortably to build your female identity in the context of the changing quality of life? Maybe to start, to the marriage to try to provide for my financial and housing independence? To even the happiest marriage was not wand wand from personal financial crisis and the eternal housing problem....

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Kaminska Anna
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