in order to get a divorce, you first need to enter into a legal relationship.

what are the reasons people register relationships:

- from the great love of his youth

- aerial

- to be sure of the seriousness of the feelings of a partner

because time

- a Mature relationship with plans for the birth of a child

- a fake marriage

the arranged marriage

- the connection of the dynasties, etc.

From this list to hope for a harmonious family life I recommend two categories, those who entered into a Mature relationship ( has nothing to do with age and longitude) and it is hoped those who have great love and from school, if it's mutual.

?!Why do divorces occur?

Family life is work. Imagine there is a personality with its own unique character, habits, upbringing, principles, ideology, moreover this person is the prevailing model of behavior in the relationship (in the observation of their own parents) and then there is another person with very different baggage. Even if you have a similar Outlook and a good model of the relations, inherited from the parents, everything else, even with the strongest chemistry and wish happiness to each other will not do.

Need to accept each other, without breaking and without respect and are not humiliated, as they develop, while trying to give and not just take. It is ready not all. Some never ripen to such a level and suffer from disharmony: often really dependent on anything in order to live in a fantasy world where they make the rules, where it is not necessary to adjust ourselves to anyone. In fact, divorce happens when people realize that their attraction, the feelings are not strong enough to try to connect the puzzles of each person in a single family picture.

Despite the fact that love in relationships is not always plays a major role, divorce is often experienced extremely hard.

!wasurenai pride

!the feeling of loneliness or uselessness.

!torn affection

!violation of habitual way of life

!sense of guilt


!unrequited love

!a sense of injustice.

And whether you want to divorce? After all, many relationships can be updated by looking anew at partner, trying to change yourself, finding the cause of disorders, etc.

!?Exactly when it's time to say goodbye?

*if there is unwarranted aggression with assault and battery,no matter which side

*there is no respect at all, then there is even no desire for it to appear, contempt can say

*when in a completely relaxed state, without anger, without anger, without resentment, you realize that the love partner.

Before the man decides to new relationships, to pass time: someone heals, someone decided to take a walk, someone fell off the wagon, someone on the contrary in career or endless study. Lots of options to escape from himself. Constructive option: to work out the divorce with a psychologist or with a good friend/friend,to live for yourself, Napoles resources and love for yourself, and then not to think, not to wait, not to look. If you will regain balance to mind and harmony in the soul, you will definitely meet someone who will be on the same wavelength with you, the main thing I deliberately do not run away from myself and from new relationships.

so now imagine the situation: the pain behind or on the contrary freed from the shackles..and in that and in other case, start something new, it kind of sucks, to put it in slang.


✴so much love and I won't be able

✴and suddenly again have diluted

✴suddenly nobody will take the unfortunate divorcee

✴maybe there is no such men, which I'm happy


✴will not be getting a divorce and then suddenly all never goes ➡tolerate and live unfortunately

✴problem with the family relationship model➡if you do not work, one divorce is not limited to

✴if you have children ➡(they have) an unhealthy relationship model+emotional shock (trauma of betrayal). (⚫be sure to speak with the children, that the decision of the adults, they should not be guilt)


✴my fault that the marriage broke up (the initiator)➡psychosomatics (illness)

✴if the marriage broke up because of me (the victim), then I'm probably some not so

✴if you have children➡my fault that they did not see a healthy, happy relationship model.

If all the fears and concerns you are not concerned, you were able to survive his departure in a career or period of life called"I need to work up" or travel in search of Dharma(purpose), in General, ceased at last to escape from reality, understand that one to be bad and still decided to try to make another one !serious relationship!, then...

do not!

✖to compare the real relationship with the past (the current man with the former)

✖internally to be on the lookout or simply afraid of repeating the scenario

✖hung up on the man, as the Savior

✖from trying to build a strong family forever

✖to drag to the Registrar, to not run away


✅listen to your feelings, to your heart

✅to approach relationships consciously and Mature

✅build relationships through the dialogue with a partner

✅to be a woman and expect serious decisions and steps from men, not to be the eternal initiator

of Course, this is not the whole list and working with any inquiry, we must look at each individually. But, at least, think about what they read, those who are relevant.

I Write for women, but in fact most of the items suitable for both men!

Blokhin (Gorshkov) angelina V.
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