the everyday work of a psychologist and thoughts about the process! What are they?

About what difficulties we have, for the most part caused by the confusion in the mind and ignorance of their true desires and their capabilities. We don't know how to focus on your goals, realizing your dreams and therefore have little result. We are wandering what your thoughts where you want and constantly looking for fault. While most have no knowledge about what is inside of us and the whole world: the world of thought, knowledge, feelings, full of light, life and beauty. And although he did not see, his strength is enormous.

You want to bring into your life more energy? Then you need to gain Consciousness of strength.

Want more health? Then you have the consciousness of health.

Want more happiness and money? Then we must learn to feel the vibrations of happiness and money and transfer them into everyday life.

But we all do, think and realize as much as I can and as much as we learned. This applies to feelings, emotions, beliefs and subconscious programs

I often hear the question: how quickly, in 1-2 consultations to learn how to live easily and simply how to get rid of his past, where a lot of heartache where there was violence, aggression and so on. What if my parents drank, cursed and beat me. Or that you need to do to finally cease to survive.

Such people difficult to answer briefly, in 2 words, because it's about a change in worldview about the meaning of life, about the philosophy of life, which they initially negative. Because they very often think that their life is a solid issue all around and against them. They do not live in that city and not with those people, they're not those kids, they go to the job and not the salary you get.... And naturally, everything they have in life, they don't like. And above all they do not like they do in this life. They love life and themselves in this life. In the most critical cases even hate. This is manifested in the form of alcoholism, drugs, immoral lifestyles, prostitution, overeating or malnutrition, in the form of self-harm.... And in extreme cases – suicide.

there is Great chance of such people to be happy and successful, and to have a harmonious relationship with partners? Hardly.

But a very large percentage of these people fall into the dependent or perverse relationship. For example, get married/marry for tyrants, emotionally immature personalities or enter into sadomasochistic relationships, choosing those who will inflict mental and physical harm. Or will they show violence and aggression in relation to their family, children, animals. Will be hooligans or vandals.

male or Female, who do not appreciate and do not respect themselves, automatically also apply to others - they therefore can not establish a relationship with family, friends or work. And the imbalance in the relationship every day brings more disappointment. It was a vicious circle.

the Man, unable to enjoy life, begins to broadcast to the outside world a film about himself. Called "the drama of my life" with understandable contents about the absence of mental peace and bliss. And back he gets in trouble, hardship and disease.

Because the external world always reflects the inner, and transmits the circumstances and the state of your inner consciousness. That occurs outside, was once found inside.

Harmony in the inner world creates optimism and abundance. Inner abundance leads to the outside and reflects it pleasant situations, surroundings and all the best. This is the basis of health and a necessary component of all success, achievements and accomplishments.

the Brain works like a photocopier and multiplies what he is offered, because many attracts even more. So it makes no sense to wonder why someone is the underdog, and someone solid fart.

There are a lot of different techniques, ways and techniques for life changes. They all work, all interesting. And that all happened from the beginning effectively it is necessary to learn the main thing. Until then, until you realize how important it is to get rid of their negative feelings and emotions until you clear your brain, your energy field from toxic programs and unnecessary energies, anything to work properly will not. You will not be able to reveal their femininity and sexuality, will not be able to let into your life money, wealth and luck, not releasing offenders and abstract enemies. But will walk like a Ghost in my life, to complain to the whole world and look for the patient love, understanding and protection of crooked ways.

If you really want to change yourself, then do at least 2 steps to self:

1. Write on a sheet of paper all your accomplishments. Both large and small. Add to them, correct.

2. And get a red notebook in which to record all their desire to better know yourself. Build upon each day anything you want for your life. Celebrate what is already celebrated, and let it be your diary.

And be sure to work on yourself! What I'd be happy to help you.

good Luck! Natalia Konopleva, psychologist, sexologist.

Natalia Konopleva
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