"fear the experience of feeling at Home"

the House, as is known to all long ago,

it is not the walls, not a window

it's not the chairs at the table

this is not a home.

Feeling or experiencing the state of "home" is familiar to all of us at a deep level. It was once tangible for each of us, but for some, it is a natural right here-and-now, and for others, barely perceptible. When we are inside that experience, we feel emotional and physical relief. The state of relaxation is in no way associated with the external condition and the situation at home in its physical sense. We feel it all over, live at the soul level.

Experience of homelessness or of being abandoned, sold us on the background of severe stress. As well as the whole range of mental and emotional way of coping with reality.

Home is where ready

you come back again and again:

furious, gentle, good, evil,

barely alive.

the House is where we will see

home is where it is always waiting for us,

where will forget about the bad.

this is your house.

I remember riding in the train a few years ago, just being in the process of another move from apartment to apartment. Barely able to keep back the tears, I was touched by the words of this song. Although I no longer reacted to the loss of physical house to which was very tied, my tears, as I understand it, was a different story. I experienced the loss of a beloved apartment, as the loss of security and in some sense even the feelings of well-being. Bonding positive self-image and possession of the property was my main mental confusion. Now look at the past good internal look, with a deep sense of sympathy to yourself.

Loss of state welfare, as by the creed that "I'm fine," is a stressor, often leading to disunity with other people and events.

the question Arises: who and what we are dissociated in such periods? Just want to remind you that the loss or the loss of something we fall to the level of stress. Reduced cognitive function, attention dissipates, weakens the perception. Against this background, we are experiencing ourselves and the events rather narrowly, act and think in templates. Anxiety increases, and already she, and not we ourselves, begins to control us.

simply put, we lose touch with them. On a physiological level it affects muscular tension, bodily reactions, solidification, surface respiration, arrhythmia, etc. reactions. We literally lose touch with your soul, with faith and hope for the prosperity that we are not threatened.

it is Very difficult getting a connection with your heart, with intuition, with native feelings. Our heart is not just a physical organ, pumping blood and gives us life. It represents our spiritual side of life. The ability to experience, to behold, sympathize with, and to be open to life and other people. And that's when we lose touch with him, we experience the gap, the emptiness and isolation that surrounds us. At the physiological level have hindered the self-regulation of emotions and it becomes harder to track them and don't go on about them.

the emotional loss of contact with the heart physiologically affects the vagus nerve or the vagus. It is located in the brain stem, the cerebellum, and then branched down to the abdomen, affecting almost all major large agencies. The vagus nerve also affects cardiovascular activity and is involved in many reflex acts in the body, regulation of breathing and heartbeat. We return “home” through the understanding of the internal physical processes, such as breathing. Observing our natural breath when we are able to survive without bodily effort and critics, noticing how it moves the belly and chest, toggles to vacation mode. And then the vagus nerve is capable of transmitting information to the brain as a signal to rest. And again we can experience a connection with your heart and touch its spiritual essence.

Thanks to our awareness, nerve regulates the amygdala or fear center in the brain and helps to remain calm in stressful situations.

the obvious question Becomes how to maintain this relationship, integrity, peace in the soul? I find considerable meaning in the rebuilding and the reassessment of the accommodation itself, on several levels.

  • the Level of physiological and reconnecting with your body, especially breathing.
  • Cognitive reappraisal of obsolete meanings, ideas, values, insights. The provision of new and desired objectives.
  • the work of the soul, aimed at disclosure of creative perception of life.

the Peace and comfort that we get, being in your favorite house is associated with physical relaxation. This condition becomes available for us when we are connected with the body and understand the signals it sends us. The first factor that knocks us out of the rut is a negative image of yourself. It leads to shallow breathing, different compression in the abdomen and chest. You may feel partitions in the diaphragm. This speaks to the muscle stress experienced by our body. It creates a barrier to social relations and cheerful mood.

as for the physiological level, we can influence it directly stimulating the vagus nerve. The vagal tone determines how quickly the organism can switch from one state to another. His normal tone is associated with a cheerful mood, resistance to stress, overall access to personal resources.

to Improve the tone of the vagus nerve or to calm him down, and thus reduce the stress very well help the practice of meditation, and bodily awareness. And yoga and aerobic exercise. As a result of reduced heart rate and reduced blood pressure.

Our body, in fact, is the house in which we live. And the life that we develop is a prototype of a social life, at home in its physical sense.

Other work already on a psychological level, is a psychotherapeutic form, leading to transformation of thinking. The reconnection with the true other, the generation of new ways of behaving, understanding and strengthening itself, restores the ability to build positive social ties. And keeping calm in stressful situations.

Catherine Cherepkova (hloptseva)

Moscow, March 6, 2018

Catherine Cherepkova
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