insight - an unexpected insight, understanding, insight, experience with all your being.

Think about something familiar and then suddenly "wow"! Here you are, look!". Surprise, psychological defense does not have time to operate. So feels like beats an electric current.

Well, what ideas do not die. And in this moment it seems that here-here will stop breathing. Horror and shame. As the wave rolls.

"how, How I lived with it and have not seen?"

another wave. "I wonder if the know everything about me or I just saw something the other can not guess?"

insight in a flash is the realization of the zone of proximal development. Very often, after opening, immersed in the web of habitual psychtest. It's like a thief who bypassed the alarm system and slipped inside the house. To get broken into and be integrated into the system yet can not, because a stranger, an illegal alien, with nothing inside of this house is not bound.

Such insights must occur multiple times, with different intensity, before the system begins to rebuild.

All subsequent insights on the same topic will not be shocking. And in this sense ceases to be the insights, are just disturbing thoughts. In the metaphor - this is the familiar stranger. To which, after it subsides, the fear and the shame there is interest.

that curiosity can make of the stranger – guest, who came even without a warning, but still a welcome guest in this house. Due to curiosity, the key contents of the insight ceases to be alien in the human psyche and is embedded in awareness on a constant basis. Finds a room of appropriate size. More precisely, such a room becomes, thereby, "inner house" of the person is expanded.

It is with good cards. With poor alignment of work of psychological protection removal – denial, repression. This is a situation where the shame and horror of the insight was not portable. This person will come to mind to reinforce the door of his "inner home". And hang bars on the Windows.

In this scenario, the content of insight is experienced as a catastrophically – leading to irreversible changes. If you recognize the contents of the insight as credible, will have to abandon the house. He will crash.

i.e. insight and building in this picture is not compatible. To make a choice in favor of InSite in this situation – a road to nowhere. It can only accept a man who, in his inner experience of himself in his life, nothing more to lose. Others will decide that in this house live so bad. Just to strengthen it a bit necessary to threat the insight did not penetrate.

From insight, not die people. But die is not viable interior structures. Ideas and attitudes that are rotten or rusted.

the Difference between those who are glad, and afraid of his insight is one. First – have a moving picture of yourself, is not fixed. They know that I know enough themselves, and they wonder what they will discover along the way.

the second is a frozen image of ourselves, which is perceived as a value that represents reliability and responsibility.

only the confidence, which grows on solid ground, not on the inside of the blind. Keep an eye on your home, you will never regret.

Olga Knyazeva
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