Some men live as if always in love.

he Looks at the woman and BAM - love. He sees a figure, face, hair, facial expressions, and falls in the appearance of the woman. But what else to fall in love at first sight?

Love men has its characteristics. He can lick when looking at a woman. Like a lion looking at prey and smiles. When the lion feels very good, he licks his lips, and that smile showing dazzling teeth. Love is the fuel for the men for his animal instinctive manifestations.

the Feeling of love does not last long. It depends on how the person is full. Saturation or full gluttony satisfy your hunger lover and lead to the next discovery. What? Everyone is opening their. Someone wakes up in the morning next to the "ugly" woman. Horrified to this neighborhood, call the woman by the serpent and expelled. Will treknet the ashes of disappointment and will move to fall further.

How to distinguish infatuation from love? Very simple. Love has history. The history of relations between a man and a woman. For the love of the relationship is unnecessary. Quite unnecessary. Only need the instincts and strength to take over. Love requires relationship.

Relationship involves communication. The most important means of communication here is verbal communication. Words. Thoughts. Speaking to each other about everything, soblaznenie its emotional openness, vulnerability, intimacy - that is the fuel for development..

Recognition of each other becomes the most important brick in the building of the temple of Love. Recognition of your second half in her or his way of thinking, way of life, in her or his reactions leads to Trust. And trust is a function of Time. That is the logic of life proves that the origin of the relationship needs time and desire. For love - only desire.

Work to maintain communication in its initial trust - not an easy task. This is another complexity that requires active use of the rules from the theory of small Affairs.

If this becomes a Sisyphean labor, come on consultation to the psychologist to figure out what ulterior motives keep you in the grip of eternal love with no transition to a more Mature stage - the stage of building relationships.


Svetlana Kolentsev
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