Rarely, but it happens. I read somewhere that decided to leave his wife for approximately one in ten, to the same part then comes back. But let's say it has happened and it is yours now, only that now with all this happiness to do. I want to talk a bit about pitfalls.

a mistress and a wife are very different positions, usually if the wife did not initially aware of the other woman, the mistress immediately put in the realization that she's not the only woman, that is, to change the lover with his wife for the adultery doesn't count. But the transition to a new level of relations with the system may experience some difficulties, the man is already accustomed to the law on treason, and often just does not want to revise the existing foundations, and it is in his mind remains a woman, which can be changed.

Former passion gradually begins to fade, it's not romantic weekends in hotels, and the usual family life with routine exercises and pastime, it is one thing to know that you have two hours, quite another when time is not restricted. The whole thrill of waiting, of novelty, of competition goes, the question will come something to replace.

the Wife often is not going away, especially if you have children. Communication, material infusion, calls, visits to their house continued and each time you sit and wait whether he will return back, and the nerves for the shock already no good. If you add to it and the limited financial possibilities, the problem is seriously compounded.

It was there that he was elegant, polished and refined with another man, and now he, with all his faults, complaints and grievances, which previously battered spouse. Yes and you are not that beautiful, radiant, sexy nymph,and quite a normal woman.

the Fear that he will do it again and the situation repeats, you know how it turns out?)

And it's not all negative sides which will have to face, so even if you're in a relationship with a married man, think ten times what it may lead, whether it be you, will there be enough strength to withstand it all and what you get in the end?

take Care of yourself)

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