Remember, please, sexual experience, when your feelings surprised. Restore the bodily memory, when something bright was experienced for the first time. Recreate the sense of wonder in relation to their own emotions or bodily manifestations. Rediscover childlike sense of curiosity to himself. Bring a sense of inner and outer world of a great and fantastically interesting, magical, mysterious and open to comprehension. Feel the aura of a delightful fairy before, what is beyond the known and understood. Experience the allure, the inviting depth of the mystery of his own emotions, his own body, his own sexuality. Try to feel your own physical body, their own energy as something largely unknown and wonderful than the familiar.

Expertise in how to make love, gives a great feeling of confidence and inner strength... the illusion that you know yourself, know your capabilities...But all the super supernova and sexual experiences are located in the area of the unknown is the place on the map of our feelings, which is not yet on the map. Imagine yourself being a fantastic, unfamiliar and this sense of self will be true the most.

own body

Feel their own energy and physical body as a mystery, as embodied magic, will feel like a magical creature. What if to imagine that all Your feelings and sensations in the sex guides in the world, immeasurably greater than what is familiar and habitual. How to open the skylight to penetrate wonderful.

Who are You? Who are You when I make love?
What mystery lies beyond the stereotypes of Your own or of strangers?
Again, feel erogenous zones and energy centres as sources of increased bodily emotion, but recognize at the same time, the vast potential of passion, tenderness, love, delight, silently sleeping in these areas.
Your emotional centers can You imagine how forgotten sources of limitless energy resources. Feel these centers and enable them, log into them, become them, become yourself!

Desired self-image, sexual attractiveness in the eyes of the beloved, melt it consciousness, allow yourself to see more, to feel more than the fixed mind. Allow yourself to be more than beneficial in the role that used to play; to be more than reflected in the eyes, feelings of a close person; to be more than your own expectations for yourself.

On the territory of sexuality, rationality is always only describes only models, only suggests that rationality only serves the emotions, rationality can not make love, and should not dictate any of the actions in the sexual act. Wonderful disappears, where there is rational certainty in the use of certain mechanistic actions, false knowledge, that some in the past effective technique would work. Again, "all cats are grey", is again "all lovers similar" stereotypes turn wonderful in the simple, primitive, understandable.

Magic love emotion will open if you try to enter that special magical mood when the world will cease to strive for uniqueness and simplicity, where you are, every time you will realize that the "door any moment" is a treasure, yet unknown, and perhaps quite different than you anticipate.

Feel your body without confidence. Penetrating every experience, be aware that it is only a reflection, only the reflection of the internal energy of the cosmos, which manifests itself through the fire, emotional flavor, pleasure, which expresses itself through mystical enlightenment, and intimate discoveries. Inner space, which manifests itself through the pain of the inability to fit within the stereotypes and role-playing games, to fit within the surface of the personality, devoid of the marvellous, and devoid of genuine.

Consciousness can't become Mature, final, completed, because it would mean his lifeless, dull and colorless old age. Consciousness must necessarily be an open, growing set to the best the happiest of worlds, and then feeling in your own body, you can be free from curing, liberated from the past, susceptible to a wonderful, mystical experience.

From the body of the partner

Imagine yourself in the body of a partner to provide a sensual manifestation of your talent through the sensations of the partner. "Through his body, his heart, his skin," feel a special energy, light, pleasant fragrance and aroma of freedom.
Imagine Your own state of heightened awareness, emotional creativity, you can feel the outside of people's feelings.
"Feel his nerve cells" their emotional centers: the center of passion, the center of love, center of pleasure. "Feel his or her nerve cells" super-value one's own sexual emotions. Create a "pedestal" for an experience of their own sexuality "from the body of the partner."
Feel the palpable admiration of their own energy "nerve cells partner." Realize that can feel "in his feelings" only the surface, a real energy and depth of emotion, whatever it was, will forever remain behind the scenes. Whatever success You reach, there is something infinitely more important.
"Experience through his or her feelings" brightest light in their own emotional energy. "Feel his or her nerve endings" quivering heat of his own soul, hot melting energy of passion, love and what is hidden too deep, that it is impossible to feel...
Feel a lot of reflection, ambiguity, spiritual depth of the self through the senses of the beloved, beloved. Experience the anticipation of the mystic "by his hands", "his fingertips", the surface of the skin, "nervous strings of his soul."

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