for the second year in the Republic, a project entitled Workshop of the psychological practices aimed at the exchange of experience and the support of psychologists of educational institutions. This year its theme is related to the search and disclosure of human resources. The theme of the master class, in which he participated, connected with the integrity and the reverse side is the identification of internal conflicts.
the First exercise is aimed at diagnostics of the internal structure of Genesis by the method of introspection. Introspection or introspection (from lat. introspecto — look inside) — a method of psychological research, which is the observation of their own mental processes without the use of any tools. Aimed at the structuring of making through in-depth knowledge of the man points of his own activity: the individual thoughts, images, feelings, experiences and reflections.
the Participants received sheets of paper and instruction lead: "Imagine a sheet of paper, this space of your life. On a sheet of paper in any place where you want to position yourself in the form of the letter "I". And then in any form place nouns answering the question "Who am I?" "Who or what am AWARE, are FEELING in their lives or the world in which we live?" Work is carried out during 5-7 minutes with relaxing music. It is important to find and record as many nouns that reflect the identity of a person.

Then comes the stage of analysis in relation to the 4 areas of life: physical, social, personal and spiritual. Symbolically, these spaces are presented in the form of a coffee table on 4 legs. And shown the brighter a space is, the more stable the position of the person.

Physical space being a reflection of the relationship of man with the natural world. To him is attributed such features and descriptions like "man", "man/woman".
the Social space reflects the relationship of man with society. Here are reflected the role of man as "wife/husband", "daughter/son", "colleague", "professional" etc. the Loss of any of the social roles is experienced as a crisis of loss. Conversely, the more roles, the more stable people.
Personal space is a reflection of the relationship of man with himself, including the ideas, desires, interests and Hobbies of a person and is expressed in nouns such as "mistress", "artist", "florist", "writer", "vehicle enthusiast" and so that's what inspires people, filling with strength and energy.
Spiritual space reflects the relationship between man and God: "the mind," "eternity," "the Muse", "inhabitant of planet Earth", etc.
Beside each feature you must specify the space to which it can be related: p - physical S - social, P-personal, D - spiritual.

And then it is important to answer the questions:

    1. All space manifested in your life?
    2. Some of them expressed the most/least bright?
    3. How many "legs is a table of your life"? Sustainable?
    4. Are you satisfied with the life and role played in society?
    5. Is there a connection between the diversity of individuals and satisfaction about myself as a person? And what to do to find yourself?
    6. What is the role of spiritual space? And how do the other roles?

What other questions it is important to ask yourself?

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