From the kind of women that men do not go away?


you can Often hear confusion from some women: “What did he see in her? Grey mouse (or bitch, or anyone else)! And look how much he loves her, how he tries, all for her! What's wrong with me?! I, too, do everything as it is and then just from me no one will leave!”

I Wanted to reflect on what women do not leave men.

the First thing I want to say that from a woman who thinks, as in the example above, rather, men and will leave. Most likely it'll draw them in, but since she decided not to be me and copy someone else, then after a while she will get tired of “keep the mask”, will feel irritated for any reason, but not for themselves but for the man that is picking on him and sincerely believing that something is wrong. The relationship will begin to deteriorate and there is a great chance that they will stop. Is constantly angry person is. And if a man is not a masochist, he safely samolikvidirovalsja.

Actually, it turns out that the woman who tries to be themselves, in a sense, is manipulating a man. She thinks that if, for example, it will be a lot to cook (while hating the kitchen in principle), or if she's always in heels and sexy (her daily wear is sneakers and jeans with t-shirts) or anything else, in this case, the man will definitely be with her. That is, it tries to predict the behavior of men using some unnatural things for her, with a view to keep a man, thereby depriving him of freedom of choice.

He does not know initially what the woman in front of him. Selects her, suggesting that she is what she makes, but really, it's the illusion of choice. He chooses not her, and her “mask”.

Manipulation — it's always unpleasant and, perhaps, it is not very recognized, but wonderful feeling. It is felt that here something not that, somehow, false. Also want to leave. It's not comfortable. And the man leaves. Again, if he's not a masochist.

we Can say that the women from whom men do not go away that women are able to be themselves, who aren't afraid to show themselves for who they are. Which are the man without deceit and manipulation.

Yet it is women who are interesting themselves. Because if you are not interested yourself waiting to here come the man and immediately cease to be boring, it may be coming and may even will entertain you for some time, but at some point he tired to drag myself to the responsibility of entertaining you constantly. Relationships will cease for it to be comfortable, and he will leave. Again, if he's not a masochist.

And why a woman is not interesting to yourself? Because she know, she is not particularly aware of their own desires, needs and feelings and, therefore, is not based on internal/his, and on the outside. So her, as if there is. And again we come to the fact that she isn't herself. Ie in order to be yourself you have to first understand, who is this “I” what?

in short, women from whom men do not go away is women who know themselves enough to allow themselves to be themselves, i.e., filled. Therefore, if you are not planning to have a male masochist, you begin to learn yourself, put the focus of your attention from the outside in. Let all this inner being. And when you don't want to get away from yourself when you with itself will be fine, and then the man next to you and not going anywhere. Where well, not leave.

Author: Julius Leschinskaya

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