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Consume from the outside: watching a movie, buy clothes, waiting to cheer, to relieve boredom. Create – only from internal resources: their knowledge, skills, energy, and emotional qualities. I think the value of man in his inner life. The more of this life, the better. br>
When the child grows, he consumes from the outside world. Feed him, entertain, comfort, provide comfort, and generally – all the best kids. The child nothing, so it can only get. I hope that when you grow up, then...

• Then there are two ways. To continue to be a big baby or become for adults. br>
That is to move from consumption of the outside world – to the creation of a rich world of the soul, the inner life. br>
• Live primarily inside world, to draw resources from it. br>
You terribly enrage people and circumstances? Congratulations, you are on your way big baby, which is a firm belief – I have... And then a long list of what. For example: to respect, to love, to be good, to help, to fulfill the promises to be honest with me. The list can continue to do, he is infinite. br>
• And people and circumstances enraged, like a small child when he did not immediately give a favorite toy, hurt older children do not want to play.

the Big baby is not able to understand that the world and the people around did not give an oath to conform to children's expectations: to feed, to entertain, to love. br>
the world does not love you just because he is not a good mother, to love unconditionally.

Circumstances is fine wonderfully for those who rely on themselves and do not seriously require from the people around them. This is possible only if a person has a rich inner world. Remember Tyutchev:

• "Just to live in yourself learn — there's a whole world in your soul".

In fact, all human life is the transition from the worship of the external, to the life spiritual, the internal. br>
• the beauty of the body takes place. The beauty of the soul remains. br>
And what do you live? br>
and to think, the view of Leo Tolstoy. br>
Fell from the old tree ripe Apple near a young Apple tree. And said the young Apple tree to Apple:
– "Hello, Apple, I wish you to sopret to become like me".
– "Sopra you, if you like, a sort of ignorant, – Apple said. – Can't you see what I'm rosy, good, strong, juicy. I do not want to rot, and want to be happy".
– "why all of your beauty and your body is only the cover for a while, in all this there is no life. Life only grain that is in you and whom you itself don't know."
"No grain no, it's all nonsense," said the Apple and stopped talking. So
I think people who do not realize that they have spiritual life and live with animals. But wants or does not want people like Apple, the more he lives, the more and more weakens, disappears in him what he considered his life, and clearer and clearer is indicated by a true, growing, undying life. So is not it better from the beginning to live the life that dies, and that which is incessantly growing and is not destroyed. br>

World of total freedom. For men. For women

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