From the parent Bank to the paternal


it is Known that many of life's difficulties, adult people turn to a psychologist, have their roots in early childhood.

For the first 6-7 years of life child development is a series of important stages: from completely unconscious at birth, through the formation of the Ego, by 6-7 years we can already see a little personality with life experience who know the feelings of shame, guilt, envy, jealousy, etc. and formed complexes. br>
What affects whether development of the child take place in a harmonious way? Below is the psychoanalytic perspective on this question is brief and to the point.

From birth to approximately 3 years - stage diagnol communication of the child with the mother when the child identifies with the mother.

Important to child feel the safety and constant communication, on the one hand, but also could withstand the absence of a mother balance of care and abandonment.

To 3 should be complete image mother, combining images absolutely good and terrible mother. Through the ability of the mother to withstand the love and hate in the child.

Around the age of 3 years to build a "bridge" to the father's Bank.

Important: the image of the mother should become part of the child's internal object (increaserevenue image mother). This is possible through the discovery of the phenomenon of death (do not ignore a child's questions about death, don't support his fantasy about immortality, for example, hope about the invention soon the magic pill... the recognition of the irreversibility of death is an important moment for separation with the mother and the lack of a dependent relationship in the future).

the Relationship between parents:

  • love mother to the father, attracted to him. Then for girls father shore will be attractive.
  • the value of men in the eyes of the mother. If the mother devalues her husband, as a man, men's coast will not exist for the child, and he will remain on the shores of the mother in the dyadic relationship. This is especially important for boy.
  • it is Important to underline the mother community of the father and the son. She should be willing to let go of the son to the father.
  • the love of the father to the child and willingness to accept it on its shore. If the mother lets go and the father does not accept, there is a big wound.
  • Importantly, AS the father takes the child. If he puts any conditions to ensure that the child has been adopted?
After a stay at his father's Bank child, it is important to be able to re-build the bridge to the parent Bank. This happens at the age of about 6 years.

it is important as mother attractive in the eyes of men-father, does he appreciate women. Depends on whether you want girl to identify with the women and will she return to the parent Bank, whether for boy in the future attractive female as an object of attention?

And what the consequences might be:

  • If the mother is only good for a child?
  • If the mother is "horrible" for a child?
  • If the mother devalues her husband?
  • If the father takes the child to their side?
  • If the father sets conditions for "acceptance on your shore"?
  • If the father is not willing to release the daughter to her mother?
  • If the mother is on appealing to the father as a woman?

About this – read the following article.

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