We are all children of their parents. And each of us in varying degrees, traumatized. There are no ideal parents and there is no perfect children. Different family situation, some very interesting, others emotional, the third is tragic. But I don't know any family where the relationships were completely harmonious and smooth. It is life itself. But the idea of a perfect world – a utopia, unreasonable illusion. Real life is much more interesting and rich, although, of course, badly hurt, and the experience is bloody tears.

We grow and develop together. Or remain at the same level, if something prevents us from going forward. Sometimes prevents pain. A lot of pain. Fear, chilling. Unconscious installation and guilt. And a lot more.

the Wounded man closed his pain and sees no way out. He concentrates on the traumatic events of childhood, it's hard to trust, often he had no models of respect. No one is saying that will be easy. But there is a solution. It work with my own feelings. Their awareness and accommodation. Separation from loved ones, a psychologist. When feeling comes to the surface, actualizarea, it's scary and painful. But this can be overcome. After all, once you have experienced it.

Turning to the traumatic event, it is desirable to move away from the position of the victim or the pursuer, to work through negative feelings. And to take a neutral side.

First of all, we should understand and accept that it's nobody's fault. So there were circumstances. It was a lot of bad, unpleasant, painful. But it was in the past. Growing up, the person is free to choose what he will carry in your Luggage – good or bad. There are certain techniques of study of negative life events and maintaining positive. Adult person is free to build their lives and form new behaviors. He is able to build up his wings and learn to fly.

time Heals, heal people, healing nature, books and movies, etc. For this we need patience and hope for the best. Let yourself believe it.

Sokurenko Anna
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