From white stripes to black... the Fear of death or fear of life


We are so afraid of the black strip that has ceased to notice white. We should live in the gray everyday life and to be hostages or victims of circumstances. Everything is stable and similarly, you can be confident in the future, it will be the same gray as the previous one. Sometimes gray days are dark gray or lighter but the same shade of gray.

Add in white, yellow, blue, green, red... Way from white to black and Vice versa - this is the palette from white to black, the entire range of colors with numerous shades. We are so afraid of the black color that we often don't think about the Sunny color of our life, or azure, or the colour of the dawn and the first leaves on the trees.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring.... Sea storm and a sea calm, the moon is full and the month is young, the day and night, sun and moon. All these are the two extremes between which a whole life, an eternity, a set of different events and actions. Everything moves from one stage to another and replaces one for the other. There is no way that it was a Sunny day and then the sun ceased to Shine and the night came.

the Morning begins with dullness and singing of the first birds, which slowly replaces the sunrise with mist over the river and the rising sun. Clear Sunny day with the scent of herbs, flowers, trees, the hum of insects, the people that are going somewhere or lazy where we sit, in this day of much diversity, it has mysteries, surprises, clues, plans, and... the frantic activity of the day passes in a quiet and peaceful night, and maybe even fun and challenging, it is also full of all sorts of unpredictable events, clear stars and a fiery sunset. At night, everything fades, all nature, and only a few are awake.

they Say sleep is a little death. Black always accompanies it. So what are we afraid of more? Life or death? Why stepping on the white line, think about the black? Why don't notice birdsong, active life around? Black is rebooting, this is the beginning of a new round, after the black comes a kind of tabula Rasa, and only we can paint a pattern in different colors. And no need to rush to our drawing was the square of Malevich, you need to fill this Board with all the colors.

Live. Let there be life.

Anna timofeyenko
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