Frustrated, it's a painful process, especially if it touched close relationships. And in this process there is an area for growth, in this process, it is possible to build a adults relationship.

Sometimes, the frustration gets to see the world or perceive the other person as he is, and not so perfect as he seemed. That frustration allows you to see the world more fully, to see what was not previously visible.

the Disappointment is directly related to the charm, ie people are first fascinated, gives something or someone ideal. And then found not ideal, after which is happening all this emotionally painful process of disappointment.

the Charm is that a child has in childhood, it is his trust in the world - mom is strong and can do everything, love me, I will protect the world stable, and as a fairy - tale, good will always triumph over evil.

Growing up the child gradually finds that it is not so, and mother so strong, and sometimes can not defend it, and good does not always triumph. Gradually we learn to accept the fact that the world can be different. In that different world there are different people, and they are not always what we would like to see. It teaches disappointment. br>
How to make this process is not destructive to yourself?
1. As if that was not painful, but to acknowledge disappointment is useful, this is the place where a new and releasing the old.
2. Try not to rush from one extreme to another (before the wedding she was a Princess, and after, as a substitute - nasty toad), try to see the object that you are disappointed, and was fascinated with the new knowledge about him. But don't devalue what came before.
3. It is not necessary to sever ties with the object of frustration at once, sometimes in those relations, there is a place where disappointment can grow other relationships. Built on feelings, experience, not illusions. Be attentive to yourself and to others.

take Care of yourself, and the best way to do it - be honest with yourself concerning your feelings.

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